Fear of Love and Dating Singles

Fear of Love and Dating Singles

Many singles have a fear of love. Someone who has a fear of love has a hard time communicating the words “I love you” to a single person of the opposite sex. There are many reasons some Christian singles have a fear of love, including worries about rejection and the uncomfortable feelings that go along with becoming vulnerable.

Getting Over Fear of Love

Many singles who have a fear of love also desire a love relationship more than anything else. How sad! That’s why it’s so important for singles to conquer their fears of love in any way they can.

Are you a single Christian who stumbles over words because of a fear of love? Perhaps it’s easier for you to put your feelings down in a poem or love song.

Sweet and Cute Love Quote of the Day

Yeah, I know its kind of strange
But every time I’m near you, I just run out of things to say.
I know you’d understand cause every time I tried to tell you,
The words just came out wrong
So I’ll have to say I love you in a song-Jim Croce

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