Fitness Singles-Are You Christian Single and Into Fitness?

Fitness Singles-Are You Christian Single and Into Fitness?

Are you a fitness single? A Christian single into fitness? What a strange term that is! But that’s the term somebody coined for a single person who’s into fitness. There are even dating sites dedicated entirely to fitness singles. Unbelievable!

Christian Fitness

Go to any work out club like Ballys or LA Fitness, and will you  find a substantial majority of the people fit? Of course! Our bodies are the temple of the Spirit, and we should take good care of them as good stewards. On the other hand, being a Christian also means remembering to prioritize what’s eternally important over what lasts only for a while.

Bible Verse of Day

For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.
1 Timothy 4:8

Are a Christian into fitness with something to share?

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    • Don

      Hi All,

      The above article expresses the sentiment that is expressed by many Christians toward physical health. It is not balanced and makes it seem that those who take care of their bodies are self absorbed and less spiritual. The quote that bothered me was when the author said, “so I won’t feel as guilty about pigging out during the upcoming holiday season.” I can also quote scripture that condemns the sin of gluttony. It is a sin that many Christians turn a blind eye to.
      The Bible warns about neglecting the spiritual and how important that is but it also warns about abusing ones body and the sin of gluttony. Christians should be both spiritually healthy as well as physically healthy.

      • David Luther

        If faith without works is dead, some physical contribution is important. But health comes from a spiritual foundation, so we can have balance, if we know the source of our strength. Check out the free e-magazine at and consider rebuilding the temple of the Holy Spirit!

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