Holiday Gifts-The Greatest Holiday Gift of All

Holiday Gifts-The Greatest Holiday Gift of All

Well, the holiday gift season is upon us once again. Oh Joy! Can you believe that in my area (New York) businesses had holiday gift displays with Christmas trees lit as early as the beginning of September? Unbelievable!

Although poll after poll in the US, UK, Europe and Australia consistently show a substantial majority of people would like to see less spending on holiday gifts, each year folks spend more and and more on gifts.

Holiday Gifts and Christian Singles

For many Christian singles the holiday season is simply at matter of survival. Many lonely singles during the holidays seek relief through binge shopping on holiday gifts and other silly goodies that they will probably regret having to pay for at a later date. I know I’ve been there and done that in the past.

If you are prone to this holiday gift temptation, considering the following tips may help you spend less:

How to Spend Less on Holiday Gifts

  • Avoid Using The Plastic to Purchase Holiday Gifts. (Yes, I’m a hypocrite here)
  • Before Buying  Romantic Holiday Gifts, Have a Budget Amount Set
  • Remember It’s The Thought That Counts, Not the Holiday Gift Price
  • Recall and Meditate On the True Reason For Christmas: Jesus

The last point is really the key here. It really is easy to get sucked into a worldly mindset when seeing all the holiday gifts, the bright lights and glitter. Of course, I have less an excuse than most because long ago Jesus saved me during the holiday time. Alone and sick at the time on that cold winter day, I experienced the greatest holiday gift of all in a Saviour who showed me His love and forgiveness. So whenever I get off course in this world, I think back to that wonderful day.

Bible Verse Of Day

“For God so loved the world thast He gave His only Begotten Son, so whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.”

John 3:16

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