Humorous Valentines Day Poems for Christian Singles

Humorous Valentines Day Poems for Christian Singles

I recently noticed a ton of humorous Valentines Day poems, jokes and cartoons. Why the online barrage?  Quite frankly, I think the reason for these humorous Valentines Day poems is that many singles suffer anxiety during this time, and reading and viewing some of this stuff relieves that tension of waiting on the Lord for that special soulmate.

Are you in this position of dreading Valentines Day? Let me encourage you not to let yourself become hostage to a particular day of the year.  Remember instead that your Heavenly Father knows your heart and your needs. He is never early, never late, but always right on time in fulfilling His promises to us.

Valentines Day Slogans

Bible Verse of Day

~At just the right time God sent forth His Son~
Galations 4:4

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