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Interracial Dating and the Christian Church

While a recent Gallup Poll on USA interracial dating found that over 95% of 18-29 year-olds approve of dating between the races, only 45% of the over 65 crowd agree. Less than a decade before, both of these age groups had significantly less approval for interracial dating. I guess we should have predicted these survey findings when even Bob Jones University lifted its interracial dating ban six years ago.

Singles generally only date those with whom they have had regular interaction. Although the Christian Church sadly remains a largely segregated place on Sundays, this is certainly less the case due to the proliferation of the multicultural megachurch within the last decade.

Overall, it will be interesting to see how the rise in multicultural megachurches effect interracial dating among Christian singles.

Do you have a comment on interracial dating in the church? What are your thoughts about multicultural churches? Please feel free to comment on interracial dating.

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  1. Jessica

    oh,,,, guys, you can not image what I have found. I just met my love, and interracial love of course. Am I lucky? So lucky I think, and I wanna share my happiness with all of you here.

    Bye!! and good luck to you all.

  2. Felicia A-Davis

    I believe relationships should be based on attraction,genuineness,religious background and not the pigmentation of the skin.

  3. Jacky

    God is equitable to anybody no matter the race, color or culture. Though our elders maybe are not easy to accept an interracial dating or marriage, nowadays youngers will interact with different races. Interracial is great in my view.

  4. Tasha Smith

    I think that we should find love where we can. The person I fall in love is only required to love God and be a good,respectful, honest person. As an African American Catholic Christian it is My opinion that racial discrimination and division are man-made concepts. God does not see color he judges our hearts and actions. I believe that we should all follow that example. After all we were all created by the same awesome God!

  5. David Butler (Author)

    Tasha: Preach it, sister! I couldn’t agree more.

  6. RichardN

    Its so amaizing in the internet dating, it had been so helpful to me. I’ve never been in love before because of many girls altitudes which led me to fear them, but now I am comfortable to talk to any one online. And hopeful I will find my true lover and my future wife. You can call me when-ever,from where-ever if you’re single below 23yrs old +255-712-380-382.Be blessed…Bye

  7. Jasmine

    I love white men not because i see things in view of race only because i’ve always been attracted to them and always will be but i am not a racist and God loves everyone just go with who you’re attracted to and you’re heart.

  8. Marie

    A friend of mine frequently asks me if I was ever attracted to a black man, or if I would ever date one. I am weirded out that he would even consider color a reason to date or not to date someone.

  9. David

    tenho 25 anos sou negro e evangelico e gosto de me realacinar com mulheres brancas e isso não quer dizer q sou racista mais e uma questão de atração,moro no Brasil e gostaria muito de conhecer uma moça dos E.U.A( )

  10. Ebony

    I am an American woman of African, Native American & Irish Descent, with a white grandpa, saved in a pentecostal church, raised in Southern California. I grew up in a very multi- cultural environment..neighborhood, school, work, church!! Everywhere. I have family that have married interracially ( though we know there is only one race- human) I think it is a culture fear. I was always attracted to every kind of boy and every kind of man, but always feared dating a white man because I thought that his family would not be accepting. I happened to meet and date a young man that was white. His family was way cool with me. I am open to whatever love God has for me, as long as he is a Godly, spiritual, affectionate, responsible, kind and gentle, caring man… I welcome a brother of another culture.. I love Latino men! Having someone in your life who has a strong culture and a different viewpoint and even another language or perspective is a beautiful thing. All the people on the earth started out black anyway! We are all one people. God just changes a few colors and added a little variety – and to me, that makes the world and love such a beautiful place. Inter-ethnic relationships will also push you to grow and examine your own ideas & beliefs. When I dated a white man, it was so funny! I got high fives from other women dating white men, crazy looks from a black man who was just as white as my friend, and extra attention I was not expecting from another white guy passing by.. It was definitely a different experience..amusing even.. But a good compatible mate is a rare thing to find in this world. Do not Settle for what is familiar because of your fear or apprehension and miss out on a blessing. I welcome a good man of another background and would love to meet a saved, family oriented Latino brother who is really cute and has all the other mentioned qualities in his late twenties to mid 30s! Ole! lol…. In Jesus Name!

  11. Kathy Ertzner

    I was wondering if Tiger Woods was raised in the church?
    The search engine that lead me to this site had said Tiger Woods was saved in the Pentecostal Church and raised in Southern California. Is this true? I believe we are accountable for the knowledge we have required because the bible states that.
    The bible talks about people who know the Lord and continue to disobey can be handed over to the lusts of the world, hopefully to come back to God after they see that their life is miserable and that money and sex in wrong ways leads to a path of destuction. I hope Tiger truly repents, comes back to God, and speaks to others about Jesus. That would be an awesome ending to this whole ordeal, with a whole new beginning!



  12. salena

    I think it is very wrong 4 a man of god to speak on interracial dating, when the bible cleary does NOT state anything about it being wrong!!! A real man of god would NOT speak on such!!!

  13. patrick

    Thank u for your website

  14. daniel2306

    One thing is if you know a lady white and color or vice versa and then the friendship that love comes naturally without thinking whether it is right or wrong things flow by themselves and another to specifically look for a race special , that is not of God.

  15. daniel2306

    should not be talking about races, only love and understanding. and if you have preference for a particular race should not mention God.

  16. daniel2306

    only if you’re with someone who is suffering from a race discrimination , whether it is good to mention God to defend your love, proclaiming the equality of all human beings.

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