Lonely Woman: Lonely Women who are Single

Lonely Woman: Lonely Women who are Single

I met a single lonely woman today. She said she had no one to share the burdens of her heart with. If you feel like you too are a lonely single woman, you’re not alone. According to a Duke University study, 25% of the US population feels like they have no one with whom to share their pains of life. The vast majority of these folks are…you guessed it: lonely single women and men. Why am I not surprised?

Single Lonely Woman Meets Jesus

The woman I met recently lost her boyfriend. Since she was not close to her family members or anyone else, she was keeping all of her heartache and lonliness to herself. Can you believe she had never heard of Jesus?

When I explained to this lonely woman about Jesus’ love for her, and that she could go to Him with all her hurts and burdens, she readily accepted the promises of His word.

Let’s face it, as Christian singles, we sometimes feel isolated and alone, with no one to really take care of us. Whether you are a single lonely woman or guy, remember God’s promises that we can go to Him at anytime, about anything. If we only believe, we will find relief at the foot of His cross.

Bible Verse of Day:

Come unto me, all you that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
Matthew 11:26

Are you a Christian with something to share about a single lonely woman?


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    • Christopher

      i am a 27 years old male, single, never had a girlfriend before, dun even know how to hold hands. 27 years of pain and torture from life, parents , people abuse, no one to share joy and pains of life. i wonder too if god really knows about our loneliness and pains we are going through?
      if there is someone out there please pray for, I don;t know how long can I endure this lonely and broken heart. I endured for 27 years.

      • Delilah

        Christopher, I’ve never experienced abuse or torture from life or parents, but I can relate to your loneliness as a single. I understand your frustrations and broken heart. I am 28 years of age, and have never been married and I’m going through the same emotional tugs. Your story is touching and I will be praying for you for God to help you with your burdens and the pain of enduring and waiting. I don’t quite remember the exact scripture, but I know it’s in either I or II Peter, it says that we can cast all of our cares on God because He cares about us. He knows your pain and your loneliness because Jesus experienced everything a human being could ever experience. Remember Jesus was alive as a human being and felt what we feel today. i know it’s hard but hang in there and tell God about every feeling. You’d be surprised how you’ll feel afterward. You’ll feel a burden lifted. Plus don’t let the devil and your flesh influence how you feel. Go to God in prayer and the devil will flee from you. Have a nice day.


        • Uriah Sky

          I was about to say your not alone but I guess you are. So am I. I am sure this is the main cause of most of my misery, being alone or not being with people that I bond with. Why? who knows, who cares, it doesn’t seem to change a thing knowing the reasons why. I am 47 and the last 20 years of my life seem to have vanished in a haze. Memories seem to form around events with others. I don’t have allot of those. I think we can both agree that the beautiful people and the wealthy people are mostly not alone. That is what drives people to want others. Become one of those as best you can and when something comes along hold on to it.
          Good luck.

          • nicole

            ive been single for a year now and im starting to feel blue. maybe because the holidays are near? im a single mom, divorced twice, and im only 30. ive been through the hardest times in my life when it comes to being in a relationship. my first husband was an alcoholic. my second husband cheated on me and didnt care for me when i had a near cancer scare. i guess im too nice and get walked all over.

            • Dana

              I am really upset and angry because here I am trusting in God praying my eyes out seeking God with all of my heart. In the word 24 hours beside working. Building up my husband helping him to grow our business. And the rat cheats on me going on craiglist looking for hookers. Can you imagine that I found over 20 girls whom he contacted I called all of them some numbers were disconnected. Most Thank God he could not get thru to most of them they were busy. So far I have found 2 only he slept with. Thanks to GOD I tested negative on every STD. It is only by GOD’s grace.
              I don’t want HIM anymore I want to find someone who is spiritually built in GOD not a baby who is selfish always wanting there needs met and once there needs are not met they become angry and use the other party as an excuse to cheat. I am a good woman very much into GOD. My husband says he’s changed but he is a liar I don’t believe one word. I want a true man of GOD I feel I deserve this.

              • Christian Women US

                Thanks for sharing such a interesting story and theme of life.
                Every body needs family supports at every stage, but people tendency is very wrong, if they are getting success then forget their family. If they got cajole by anyone then remember family.

                • Old male can't get ahead

                  I know how hard it can be. I lost my mother years ago, and I have been swindled, cheated, and taken advantage of by people who just don’t care. As if that wasn’t enough, a promising girl wound up with her ex husband coming back..my how it seems to be that the timing is never right, then wound up losing job. I feel that if it is God’s time, things will work out. Sometimes we have to wind up like Job never getting ahead until finally there is a breakthru.

                  • Alexa

                    Here I am feeling sad for myself for being alone on Christmas day when there are so many other people who need encouraging right now. I think the hardest thing is to get out of our own head and reach out to others in need. I pray that each and every one of you is able to go to the Lord and cry your heart out if you must, tell him how you feel and just lay everything at his feet. I know he doesn’t expect us to be perfect or do it on our own. The bible says that the afflictions of the righteous are many, but the Lord delivers us from them all. That’s a promise people! When we get into our moments, we need to remember that it doesn’t last and that He will deliver you from them all. Don’t try to take revenge because he will handle that. God Bless you all.

                    • Rahul

                      I think lonely people get lonely. I’m also a Christian single but keep myself busy. I work full time, serve as a keyboardist at my church, go to gym every day, and have a few other odd hobbies like sharpening and restoring vintage straight razors.

                      I think sitting alone at home on the weekends reminds you of your loneliness. I say, keep in touch with your family and friends, and keep yourself active. I suggest you pick a hobby – learn to play a musical instrument, volunteer, learn to cook, etc. The more you think about how lonely you are, the more lonely you’ll get.

                      • Lawrence Chikhasu

                        I am lonely,widowed to late Judith who passed away in February 2014,left me with five children.Looking for a single christian devoted woman aged between 25 to 40 years from all over the world ready to take care and conform my soulful life. I do not look for ethic,color,race,nationality,education,occupation,distance,financial capacity etc. Should be willing to relocate to my country Malawi for her life time and be a prominent life changing adviser.Should be willing to take care of the orphaned children and others.
                        Willing to learn and adopt the environment. More later.
                        Lawrence Chikhasu 50 years old ,Black African.

                        • Sean

                          I have prayed and asked God to send me the woman of my dreams,I am tired of being lonely in every aspect of my life,where is the woman everyone says that God has for me. Is there a special place I need to go,what do I do,I would love some answers and if anyone has any please tell me

                          • Diane Spero

                            the focus of the church is couples and familes. They bring more workers to ministries,
                            more funds into the Church.
                            I like my church. i volunteer in the thrift store, serve in other ways. I have a good pastor.
                            Going to Church on Sunday I feel like an Outcast. I never really fit anyway. We have few single people in my Church. I wa in another Church for yrs, were Singles were ignored.

                            Jesus who the Church worships was single, yet singles are the least mistered to group in the Church. Others in the bible were single.
                            The Church is not for Older single people

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