Long Distance Love Quotes

Long Distance Love Quotes

You probably won’t understand long distance love quotes unless you, or someone close to you has been in a long distance relationship. In long distance love quotes, you can just taste the passionate longing and ache the single writer feels over having a love so far away. In this sense, long distance quotes sad and romantic all at the same time.

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My favorite long distance love quote comes from a 1989 Richard Marx sad love song called Right Here Waiting for You:

Oceans apart day after day
And I slowly go insane
I hear your voice on the line
But it doesn’t stop the pain

If I see you next to never
How can we say forever

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you
Whatever it takes
Or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you

Are you a Christian single with a long distance love quote, or a tip to share about long distance relationship?

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    Currently I’m in a long distance dating relationship with both our intent of marriage in the future. We were best friends (though I had a long hard crush on him) when we lived in the same city for a good year until he moved back to his own hometown. Four months later after still keeping in contact and a couple times meeting up, he came down to my city again around the Christmas season and FINALLY asked me to be his girlfriend and pursue a relationship. I was beyond thrilled but knew long distance dating would be hard since he was going back to his town for as long as God kept him there. We’ve recently passed our fourth month mark so haven’t been together even close to what other people have experienced but so far I must say I’m extremely thrilled with how we are dealing with the long distance dating anxiety…

    Long distance dating does have that perk that you can enjoy not being completely tied down and you can enjoy the weekend out with friends or relaxing alone allowing yourself to do nothing. Also keep in mind that when the two of you can be back together again the reunion can be all the sweeter! 🙂


    I am currently in a long distance dating relationship, and it is working out amazingly. Very near to marriage. You must remember that every day apart is one day closer to being together. This is what gets us through the days. We are both college students, so seeing each other gets difficult with a long distance dating relationship, but when we do see each other it is all the more amazing. If you are in a long distance relationship remember that if God has chosen you two to be together, then he will keep you that way. One thing also we have noticed is that the months we are apart we grow very much in our emotional relationship, and when we are together we continue, but also grow in our intimate relationship since we can hug and such. Its really awesome, and it is working out well for us. We have been together since my senior year in high school. So, two things to remember: 1) Every day apart is one day closer to being together. And 2) If God has him in His plan for your life, than it will happen.


    i am having a long distance relationship, and believe me we had not seen each other yet, we had started relationships on the net for like 7 months already. i fell too deeply inlove with him, but i dont know if he does believes it. we just had an argument, so he has been angry at me, because i said something that made him mad, but i wanted him to realize i dont really want to lose him. i am having a hard time communicating with him since he was the one who also wanted to stop communication until i come home and just speak with him on the mic. days are coming, but i felt like whenever we talk we just argue. i was only telling him how much i missed and love him and how i am also mad at what is happening. i dont know when are we going to meet but as time goes by, i am afraid we will not see each other in person but how i long for it so much and i am so depressed as of the moment i cant talk to him very well. and the very frustrating one was we are both building trust and there comes the paranoia in his mind one error that came when i called his phone and another number reflected on his phone, which i dont really use. I was so surprised when he said someone called him which is a man, and using that same number. i feel really crazy until now, we are not talking yet. i needed help on what to do with this. please help..thanks


    I have been in a long distance relationship for three years now with a man from tunisia even tho i am in england and only see him once every 9 months i am deeply and madley in love with him. i first met naim while i was on holiday and ever since that day we have been planning ahead it worries me what he might be doing but i guess faith is all i need. i have almost sealed the paper work on a house over in tunisia just as soon as i get my visitors visa i can move over there with him all this time and it is so close. x it just goes to show wait for that special man and you will have the purfect relationship x


    I have known my boyfriend since I was 6 and hated him until I was about 14, when I moved away from our hometown. When I moved we kept in touch and talked all the time. Both having others in and out of our lives, living high school and what not. His dad was my coach in elementary school, and his brother one of my best friends since 1st grade. He and I started talking right before I graduated last year, and he was owning his own company and becoming of the world. He sent me flowers one day and invited me to his family reunion, After spending the week together (after not seeing each other in 6 years…) we decided to become a couple. I am in college and he owns his own company. We try and see each other once a month, and it is very hard to be away. But we both know we’re meant for each other and we know that everytime we get to talk is a blessing and we never let one minute go to waste when we are together. If youre reading this looking for inspiration or encouragement, know that if its right, it will work out. And if not, then do not concern yourself with sorrow and pain, because the right one is out there. Who knows when and how it will happen?

    Ward Caride

    Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a concept I hadnt thought of yet. Now lets see if I can do something productive with it.

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