How to Find a Christian Wife

How to Find a Christian Wife

How to find a Christian WifeEver wonder how to find a Christian wife? I would think many Christian single women in the market for a husband would be interested in knowing the number of Christian men hoping to find a Christian wife. Well we are too, and that’s one reason why our up and coming singles survey will try to quantify the different number of Christian single men looking to find a Christian wife, those looking to simply find a date and those not seeking a mate or date at all.

Lack of Biblical Guidance on How to Find a Christian Wife

Unfortunately, there is no specific dating advice in the Bible on how to find a Christian wife, and you certainly won’t find dogmatic teaching on this subject. For example, in 1 Corinthians 7:27 Paul writes, “Are you unmarried? Do not look for look to find a wife. But if you do marry, you have not sinned…”

Although there is no “how to find a wife” playbook in the Scriptures, you will find general advice on topics such as waiting on the Lord, that would be applicable in your search to find a Christian wife.

Bible Verse of Day

“He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord.”
Proverbs 18:22

Dear Father, we pray for my dear brothers in Christ who are seeking a suitable helpmate. We pray for their peace and strength as they wait on you. I thank you that you promise to provide all of our needs in your perfect time. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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    • jairus adams

      Thanks for your help whoever you are? The biggest dilemma found in my steps are that I have confictions that arent status quo and im not brasen about geting that info out so ussually find myself in situations of shyness when im in the presense of a lady “IN FRONT OF ANY CHURCH PEOPLE” or in the past i would fall into sinful lusts after having sex and made mistakes ive now repented of and have been the longest with “ANY” action down there! I hope your not a woman but im just trying to get this burden off me. I pray now God takes it from both of us but scripture also says to confess your faults to one another that there may be a healing and it seems i was always in a situation to repress it and bottle it up till it burst out. I always saw this as weakness that a young man shouldnt expose himself to utter doom. This was probably the voice of the devil most definitly. I know we only have one mediater before God but we are to bear the burdens of one another thus fulfilling the law of God. Where was i? okay, i went to bible college out of high school to learn the bible , didnt graduat, ran into finace problems, sin problems , Army problems, uhh, more sin, more sin, lots of Gods mercy and keeping, then i tried to go back to bible college but now i have debt and not finding work and falling again into sin which almost became marraige maybe kindof i had to leave for a job offer here in southern california. I see providence in this but now i still have these setbacks as i only want to Follow Gods leading do not want this world of babylon and luke warmness wrapped in a morallity that denies Gods power but i know God brings Good morality. Also i dont believe in the chariots and horses we trust in,( cars and motorcycles)I dont forbid automobiles yet Id desire God brings more to a marraige than blending in with the World yet still in it protected. So ive google and maybe lancaster PA. near my hometowne of York, PA. or portland , Oregon where i read theve got bumper stickers saying keep Portland weird and like bicicles and walking and practical living yet arent mennonites or amish.. thats about it, looking for a woman who can submit to a man as i and would trust God for children when possible. Thanks, please be gentle but i want honesty. Thanks jairus adams

      • George

        Please if you are out to find a serious relationship which should end up in marriage, please lets join hands in learning about each other. I am so lonely and just want to devote my life to someone who will not break my heart tomorrow.
        Thank you for understanding.

        • Wilwin

          I was looking for a wife get rid of my lonliness and walk in God’s way. I am trying for 5 yrs now I am 30
          in this time I also fel sick many times I feel I am wasted May be it’s God’s will for me
          I wan God to heal my body and soul use me for His glory

          • Isaiah

            The most important thing every Christian should do is love the Lord our God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. I have discovered through experience that if you wholly root yourself in this truth, you won’t feel lonely because in God you will find supply for all your ‘individual’ needs. When you desire the presence of God this is of the spirit. The only way to fulfil this desire is to fellowship with God. When you desire the company of a woman or a man this is not of the spirit but the soul. And whatever is not of the spirit can be neutered, even that which is not particularly sinful.

            I believe God has set apart only one person for each of us, though many think this is a myth. God said that He orders the steps of righteous man. This means in God’s plans for our lives we have to be at a particular place at a particular time. Therefore we can’t just marry the random person or the one we think is the best for us, even though the person might be the holiest alive. One’s individual path was laid out before time began and because you become one in spirit and in flesh with your spouse when you get married, the two paths of a wife and husband merge into one. So don’t worry about meeting your spouse. When you meet someone you like you have to ask God if they are ‘the one’. Most Christians don’t realise how critical to fulfilling our God-given destinies marrying the right person is. I’m not saying that if you marry the wrong person God won’t use you. What will happen though is you will miss your mark. God will position the both of you to allow you to sufficiently converse. The business of dating various people is quite rubbish. God knows who He has set apart for you so just trust Him. If as Christians we had to rely on trial and error then how would we call our God omniscient. Everything in its time.

            • Robert Hillman

              I am a real bible believing christian man

              but I am also a man that means romantic passionate sensual sexual and all that

              but I have been single since I was twenty eight

              simply because woman dont want a bible believing husband and lover anymore

              they seem to want the drama and divorce

              I JUST DONT GET IT

              fourty two in ontario
              just wants love like everyone else

              • Mycker

                The greatest honour according to the bible is to find a good wife. But like any good thing it needs commitment, honesty, and trust in God.
                At the right time God will send someone into your life BUT you have to have the spirit to guide you to notice an opportuny to say, “hello, sister, how are you?… ”
                at the end of the day you will have to take initiative for yourself. Heaven will not do unto men what they can do for themselves!

                • Rosalie

                  He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord. (vice versa) Woman also waits for the best person God has given her. Waiting will soon be over… I know.

                  • Nancy MBuru

                    The greatest honour according to the bible is to find a good Husband. But like any good thing it needs commitment, honesty, and trust in God.


                    • Osabuohien

                      I am a real christian man, I am looking for a real good christian woman who will be willing to serve the Lord with me all over the world

                      • Tryce

                        A wife should be found by watching and praying. God will present the right person at the right place and time.

                        • mark

                          hi, i’m a 51 yr old man, looking for a good christian woman. i’m totally sick and tired of the people of this world. i too want a good woman that i can trust to the end and love. the lord will provide. mark

                          • Rebecca

                            I don’t know how I happened upon this webpage but I did. I want to encourage all of you men out there that there are real, loving, great women out there, but they are sometimes hard to find. I haven’t met any single Christian guys it seems like they are all married or embarrassed to talk to me in front of thier friends because I’m not super skinny. I do get asked for dates on a normal basis but its never a Christian guy. I don’t think being overweight is healthy and shouldn’t be a permanent way of life but people do make mistakes and run into problems in life, a guy being overweight has never caused me to judge them or feel embarrassed by them. I think every guy has thier own unique charm and should be happy just being himself and it might help in finding a lady that is like him. I feel like i’m not “religious” because I work almost every sunday and get fed the word mostly by online and television programs since I cant make it to church. I find it almost more enjoyable and way less distracting when i hear the Word without being in a large audience. I sin all the time and try my best to pray often and seek Jesus. I would love to have a husband but I’m going to enjoy myself and be happy and content in this season of my life. Just keep your hopes up guys, they’re out there. lol p.s. there is a such thing as drama free women, they are rare lol but they exist. I am one of the most laid back women I’ve ever met haha!! I try to be that way on purpose everyday because having had boyfriends and guy friends Ive learned that guys like stuff simple and hasslefree, they like stuff straight to the point and don’t get hints at all and can’t read minds and can’t tell how a girl is feeling by looking at her. I wish more women would understand this and they would have much better relationships with all the men in thier life. I wish I could hand out the book called “The proper care and feeding of husbands” to every woman in the world. Its a funny title but serious book, it gets women to understand how thier husband functions. Keep praying guys, shes out there 😀 <3 i know theres one out there for me <3

                            • Ivy

                              Hey all! I to just want a loyal, kind, faithful christian husband and that is exactly what I thought I found. I say pray for God to move all the fake’s out of the way. God gave me a vision about the man that will be my spouse. He is a christian singer, full of love and joy, he is faithful, and prays constantly for others in his ministry. I ask God how will I know it is him, and God showed me what he looks like and said he knows your name and you know his face.

                              • Mary Flora

                                May the Lord help all the single Christian men and women who desire a mate…..find one another and serve the Lord. May the God given desire to find a partner be blessed with the solution in a physical partner. May the love and grace of our Lord guide you always.

                                • RN

                                  I’ve spent 30 years married to the same man, my first, e turned out to be an alcoholic, and yet due to my honor to God, I stayed in the awful marriage and helped him through a liver transplant, with NO help from his Christian family, but now, he is miraculously healed and again 1 year later is now again drinking and abusive – “if” I had listened to my non-Christian friends, instead of Jesus, I wouldn’t be in this ongoing mess. Yet, I have done all that I can and the BEST that I can and I have prayed without ceasing for God to allow me NOW to get on with my life. I am not looking to divorce, I am just wanting to get back to FL and away from this evilness mounting again. I have no financial ability to leave, but I pray everyday for an open door, and it doesn’t “open”and yet day by day in this awful situation, I just seek the peace I feel I so deserve, to get out and onward to others who need me to help them in their lives.
                                  Can anyone relate to the struggle I am having and offer me some counsel or encouragement to get out of this darkness and into the light to help those who really need me?

                                  In Him,

                                  • Matthew

                                    RN- If you are married then you are called to honor Christ in your marriage. 1 Peter 3 should be an encouragement.

                                    • Titus Munsha

                                      please am here to you this: am looking for a good christian wife to maary now do not know were can i find her please

                                      • Susan Butler

                                        Hi, I am a Christian and did get married to a non-believer, and I heard the spirit tell me 3 separate times Not to get married to this individual, but of course, I too was lonely and tired of waiting for the right one, so I got married, he does not even live with me and my son; he lives in Va, and I live here in PA, I even asked to come to pa, for a visit or at least stay with me for night or two he won’t even do that, he came fo an hour or two on Christmas day and then went home with his friends back to VA, he does not have a license however, I do and I told him I could take him back to Va, if he needed to go back for work purposes, but he said he did not have to go work for another two three weeks, but he refused to stay with me because he does not like the PA. area. And the funny thing is, is that he’s never really stayed here at all, so how does he know he does not like it, when we first got married, I was in VA, for 6 months, he did not live with me then either, he wanted me to stay in daughter’s basement, and come and visit with me and I said we need an apartment he said he could not afford an apaprtment so I looked so hard for one but he never supplied any of the information to me or the aprtment managers he siad that they did not need his information, such work information and such. I moved back up here because I felt the spirit tell me to come back up here and when I did I found a great job and an aprtment at the same time, I again called and asked him to move up here to live with me, he said no. So here I am with my son by myself, which I do not care about being alone. I am not undertstanding why he does not want to live here with me and my son? In Janurary his lawyer says I need to be there in court with him, I do not want to go, for the fact he does not treat me like a wife, and he is not the type of husband that I deserve. why I am even marreid? I mean I am doing this with God’s help and not his, and I am a very educated working class woman who made huge mistake, because I choose to do what I wanted and not what God wanted, so I have to suffer the consequences and I do understand that we reap what we sow, God was trying to save me from this heartache, and my own stubborness is how I ended up in this mess. However, I do not want to be married anymore, he wants me to live in Va. with my daughter and no room just in the basement with no privacy and he does not even have a house for me and he still says he can not afford one, so I am not going to allow my son to live in such an atmosphere , not when he has his own space and his own room I feel this would be unfair to him, and husband or not my son comes first. I do not think God wants us to make bad decisions and continue to stay in them, he says forgive them and move on, which means, we are to forgive those who tresspass against us, but this does not mean we go back for more of the same treatment. We are to show God’s love and mercy to others and obey him, and love others as yourself, but I can not allow my son to live in such conditions. I have my own apartment and we are both happy, going to church and working and just being me, I can not live with people wjo stiffle me as a person and will not grow in the Lord. My son and I are both saved and know Christ and try very hard to live in that environment, however, my husband and my daughtsers husband and grandaughters are not, nor will he allow them to attend church, my oldest grandaughter does read the Bible but she can not attend church unless they go, and they do not)! I just tell her to continue to pray as I do that God will speak to their hearts and change their hearts and allow them to let my grandchildren know the word and be able attend church services. I am not certain where this is going to lead, however, I know I do not want to be married anymore, because I want a faithful Christfilled husband and one that will come to church with me and continue to grow in God’s word with me and my son as a family, but with this man I will never have it, as he refuses to even be a husband and I am not sure why, he does not have anymore work for the rest of the winter, and I am begging him to come be a real family, but he will not, now honestly, does God espect me to stay in that kind of relationship? One that will hinder/stiffle the word of God? Well, I made a huge mistake and I know that now, however,if God wanted me in Va, he would have provided a way for me to stay but he did not, and I now have a home and a good job, and in Va, I could not find either one, so please, advice me if I am wrong please tell me how to go about getting this right, I do not want to be married anymore and I would rather just be divorced as it feels as though I am not really married, I believe , if God did not put this together, then it is not a sin to break it apart, but if God did put it togther, then let no man tear it apart, right? However, God told me no in the first place before I even got married, so it is apperant that he did not want me to get married and I am the one who choose this path not God, so how is it sinful if I, and not God choose this path, how is it then sinful to get a divorce from this man? We are unevenly yolkedin the first place right? So if I am wrong, and maybe I am tell what direction do I go in? I am not moving to be ther VA, so me and my son can be homeless for a man who does not even act like a real husband, God does give us a brain and we are to use it accordingly correct? Please show me in the Bible where I am wrong, because I would like some real answers on this, as I have ran out of options. I have really struggled with this, I want to be happy however, this is not real marriage and it does not feel right, and I am just happy, a real marriage would be one that God was head of household and my husband does not even live here with me, if he can not afford me then why on earth did he rush to get married so quickly? He said he loved ma dn wanted help me raisde my son and I was neive enough to believe him. I am not happy with this marriage and just want out, but I can not afforrd a divorce yet either, and he said he will not sighn for one either but I do not want this, so show me how to go about this in God’s way, I have prayed for an answer or a solution and I have not recieved one yet and I am waiting on the Lord but I need guidence on this.

                                        • J

                                          WOW! I am a woman, I was just wondering were there any christian single men out there. Wow there is. I almost gave up. But I just keep telling myself GOD has someone for me, even if it doesn’t look, or feel like it. We have to keep the faith. Put Christ Frist everything else will come, thats the Word. Hold on everyone. It only gets better. Just don’t become vulnerable. That’s dangerous! Stay focus singles. The best is yet to come. OK! I am single. But by faith I thank GOD for my husband. Much love people.

                                          • ARZ

                                            ask faithfully and it will be given to you.
                                            True love can wait, regardless of age and who you are. Serve the Lord your God first and it will be given to you whatever your hearts desire 🙂
                                            GOD BLESS US ALL!

                                            • Stacey

                                              I am a 48 yr old women that does not care if you have a disability or not. I have dated many without disabilities and so far I have run into nothing but turds. I just want a man who knows how to love, care, share and be a friend as well as a partner. I am way past looking for the perfect person because they do not exist but I feel 2 people together can make a perfect relationship. True love comes in all forms. If you feel this way please email me and say Hi !!

                                              • valerie

                                                I am a good practicing 51 year old Catholic girl looking for a like minded mate to share life and beliefs with while serving the lord as best we can. If you are out there email me at

                                                • Abigail

                                                  Seriously looking for nice single white guy who is a practicing Christian single with no children but will like to have children, I prefer man from Uk.

                                                  • Jody

                                                    At 39 I often wonder if I am meant to just serve the LORD and stop searching and just believe solely in Hebrews – which tells us to be CONTENT with what we have. We must keep our Maker’s goals for us in focus and not our own. If we pray for what we want (A bible believing, God-fearing spouse) then God is JUST to answer this prayer for us – ask anything in my name…. you know? BUT we often want to satisfy our flesh so much (not necessarily sex, because I am waiting for marriage even though as a sinner before being saved I was more carnal – but just being held and wanting to have someone can be our flesh’s desire) that we want to rush God. HE KNOWS what is best, and WHO is best, for us… We must have faith that while we are praying He is preparing not only US but the future spouse as well! He has to mature us and get us on the same page and at least NEAR the same path or it will be chaos! The maturity, like grapes before harvest, has to be there! We have to have faith that God is in the process of maturing us for the union – a union that will last until the death. And should 2, 5 or even 10 years go by, and we still do not have a spouse (nor hear God’s voice telling us to have patience), then we MUST understand that God’s plans for our lives trumps our own. If I must die while I am still single, I will have frustrating and lonely moments in life, but I will have faith that it was not without reason!

                                                    Have faith and STAY IN PRAYER that you do the Lords will but that he find it be his will to prepare and deliver a spouse to you. Then when and if someone comes along – don’t rush it and STAY in prayer… both of you!

                                                    In JESUS name, HIS will be done over our lives.

                                                    • M

                                                      Am mid 60’s; Christian, live in Michigan and am a happy woman.
                                                      If you’d like to chat let me know.


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