Love Friendship Quotes

Love Friendship Quotes

Is it love or friendship? Love and friendship quotes often express that hazy area between platonic love of close freindships and romantic love. Embodied in these love, friendship quotes is passion and confusion all rolled into one.

So just when does a close friendship between Christian singles turn into that other kind of love? How would you tell the difference? Do you have a friendship that’s transformed into true romantic love? Breaking across that boundary between love and friendship can be a wonderful but risky experience. Wonderful because the best of friends can make the best of lovers. Risky because there is always the possibility of unrequited love and the loss of a special friendship.

Favorite Love Friendship Quote

One of my top love freindship quotes comes from an 80’s Roberta Flack song called Tonight I Celebrate My Love for You. It’s a romantic love song about friends becoming life long lovers. It’s meant to be a great marriage song:

-Tonight I celebrate my love for you
And soon this old world will seem brand new
Tonight we will both discover
How friends turn into lovers-

Do you have a friendship love quote to share with others?

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