Masturbation and Christian Singles |Christians Who Masturbate

Masturbation and Christian Singles |Christians Who Masturbate

Masturbation and Singles
Let’s talk about Masturbation and Christian singles.The M word and Christian singles. Masturbation and Christian Singles. Male masturbation. Female masturbation. Adolescent masturbation. Chronic masturbation.   Christian Singles and Masturbation.

Is masturbation sin? Are you a single person who masturbates? Are you feeling awkward yet? Most pastors apparently are because they avoid the masturbation topic at all costs. This is a little ironic, to say the least, when survey after survey reveals a majority of married and single Christians of all different ages (guys and gals) masturbate, and suffer intense guilt over it. I personally get hundreds of emails on this site regularly from Christian singles struggling with masturbation.

Masturbation and Christian Singles Struggles

As a Christian single, just what are your feelings about masturbation? Are you a masturbator? Do you struggle with your Christian Lifestyle because you feel it is morally wrong? Do you live in guilt and confusion over the whole issue?

Personally, I can’t stand it when Christian teachers and churches are so dogmatic on the “rights” and “wrongs” of masturbatory activities because it’s such a complex issue, with many differemasnt contingencies connected to the practice. So I’ll try to leave my preaching in the pulpit as I hand out from my heart some observations about masturbation and Christians who practice it. I’ll also be sharing some  Scriptures to help guide you through this sensitive, sticky issue.

Masturbation and Christian Singles Observations

  1. Masturbation in the Bible. The Bible is silent on the specific issue of masturbation even though the vast majority of humankind is preoccupied with it.
  2. The Roman Catholic Church, some Protestant denominations and even Webster’s Dictionary have attempted to equate the sin of Onan (Genesis 38:6-10) with masturbation, but a simple exegesis of these passages precludes this possibility. You see, under Jewish law, a person was required to procreate with his brother’s widow. When Onan refused out of selfishness, the Lord killed him. The bottom line here? God did not whack Onan for whacking off, but rather for “spilling his seed” by ejaculating outside of his dead brother’s wife during sexual intercourse.
  3. Many Christian singles and not a few Christian pastors feel masturbation to orgasm is acceptable in order to: 1) relieve unabated sexual tension, and/or 2) to avoid sexual immorality. The catch is that there should be no lustful thoughts connected to the act.
  4. Regarding masturbation and Christian singles, the vast majority of single Christians feel that compulsive masturbation, simply for the purpose of self gratification, is always wrong. Most would also agree that habitual masturbation while single will make it harder for any future spouse to please them sexually.

Notwithstanding the above points, let the following paraphrased verses guide you as you pray and seek the Lord over whether masturbating should have any room in your life as a single person:

  • Matthew 5:28- Looking lustily at a woman (or a man if you’re a woman) means you are commiting adultery in your heart.
  • 1 Corinthians 6:12- All things are lawful for you, but not all things are profitable.
  • 1 Corinthians 6:19,20- Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and so you should glorify God with it.
  • 1 Thessalonians 4:4,5- You should learn to control your body in a holy and honourable way, not in passionate lust like the heathens.
  • 2 Peter 2:19- You are a slave to whatever has mastered you.
  • James 4:17- If you know you should do something, but fail to do it, it’s sin.

Finally, if you are a Christian who is really beating yourself up over the issue of masturbation, or are struggling with sexual impurity, remember that Jesus offers forgiveness (1 John 1:9) you and loves you where you are. Repent and move on in peace! Also consider the words of James Dobson of Focus on the Family regarding masturbation and Christian singles:

“It is my opinion that masturbation is not much of an issue with God. It does not cause disease. It does not produce babies, and Jesus did not mention it in the Bible. I’m not telling you to masturbate, and I hope you won’t feel the need for it. But if you do, it is my opinion that you should not struggle with guilt over it.”

So what are your thoughts on masturbation and Christian singles?


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    Hi. I am very confused by the answers on there that say it’s ok to masturbate as long as you don’t have lustful or perverted thoughts. Firstly, how on earth is this possible, as by nature sexual desire if not a pure desire out of love for another person, is lust…in other words, to have pure and holy sex it must be only out of love for your spouse. What do people class as lustful or perverted thoughts? One person’s perverted is another persons normal. But the lustful thoughts thing… I’ve read this before in an article by Nicky Gumbel of the Alpha course… I just don’t understand how on earth you are supposed to masturbute without having lustful thoughts. It’s those thoughts which make you feel that way… we are programmed as men and women to have physical desires towards the opposite sex (unless yo are gay and I’m not going into that here), to desire their bodies and sexual organs, and getting “horny” happens quite spontaneously and those desires come into your mind…probably with vivid imagery, but depending on how imaginative you are as a person. There are certain times I just can’t stop thinking about sex and the opposite sex. I wouldnm’t even feel those desires normally without those thoughts happening first… though sometimes sexual feelings can arise from other things, but the thoughts and feelings go hand in hand… otherwise what are we feeling sexy about anyway? Sexual desire comes from a basic desire to have sex… masturbation is the way of expressing this when on your own and not having a spouse to do so with (not that the spouse would necessarily always want to do it when you do either… marriage is about two people who have their own minds…) Anyway, I am a Christian who struggles with knowing if it is a sin or not. I’m not married and not likely to be so, fed up with having to feel guilty all the time.

    Virginia Robles

    I do stuggle in my single life and yes, I feel so sorry for what I do sometimes and I want to respect any feelings that I may have, so I pray and will let God be in control of my body. This body that God created is his and I have no right to disobey God’s word.

    Just to let other single people know you are not alone and if you earnestly pray to God, he will help you and control any feelings you have.

    May God Bless each of us.


    MASTURBATION Is NOT A sin in the Bible.
    Masturbation is clearly described in the Bible in Lev 15:16-20 and clearly NO SIN OFFERING IS REQUIRED.

    Meaning under the most strictest ceremonial Law in the Bible, Masturbation is clearly NOT a sin at all. That would also include the normal loving sexual fantasies that go along with sexual enjoyment.

    No other Bible verses in all the Bible descride masturbation and clearly show it is NOT a sin of any kind but it clearly a wonderful gift of God for all to enjoy with over 50 benefits.


    I am a 23 year old born-again Christian woman. I have never been in a relationship with another person because I wish to wait for God to lead me to the right man.
    I have been masturbating since I was 18. I’ve never used pornography. I rarely use anything other than my hands to masturbate. I always masturbate to orgasm. I masturbate for two reasons:
    1) to relieve my sexual desires. If I go for more than a month without masturbating, I start fantasizing about people I am not attracted to and sometimes, (this is even worse), I get dirty dreams.
    2) to fall asleep! Believe it or not, an orgasm puts me to sleep right away! If I’m tossing and turning in bed and I know that I need a good night’s sleep in order to be functional the next day, then I will masturbate even though I don’t particularly want to.

    Whatever the reason, I always struggle with guilt when I wake up the next morning. I know that my body is a temple of God. I want to reserve my sexual feelings for the person I marry (If God wants me to marry). But my desires are too strong for my will power. I have tried to ‘quit’ several times, but eventually the need always returns. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. I know that I can only free myself from masturbation if I completely surrender to the power of the Holy Spirit. Please pray for me.

    Edenic Panacea

    Leviticus 15:16 – 18 is the only piece of scripture that relates to masturbation/act of sexual self stimulation which specifically target male practioners only! Males who had an emission whenever by sexual intercourse or self-stimulation must bathe in water/get a wash-up & be unclean until nightfall which includes every clothing, animal hide accessories, and/or the female he had sex with.

    Leviticus 15:16 – 18
    “And if any man’s seed of copulation go out from him, then he shall wash all his flesh in water, and be unclean until the even. And every garment, and every skin, whereon is the seed of copulation, shall be washed with water, and be unclean until the even. The woman also with whom man shall lie with seed of copulation, they shall both bathe themselves in water, and be unclean until the even.”

    Note: Leviticus 15:16 – 18 never ever talked to women sexually self-stimulating themselves, Pissing, emission of feces, and usage of sex toy usage whatsoever at all!

    Overall, These verses does not (I repeat “does not”) constitute cumming/ejaculating on sexual genitelia and any part of the body rather than inside the uterus, masturbation/sexual self stimulation, and mental thinking of sexual fantasies as a wicked act towards the Most High which is punishable by death, a sinful act that is heavily discouraged, or requires a sin offering.

    BTW: Ejaculation outside the female uterus, in the contextual way of me saying this phrase, is “Facial”, “Ejaculation on the body”, “Ejaculation in mouth”, “Anal Creampie”, and so on.

    To direct Lev 15:16 – 18 to say that ejaculation outside the female uterus along with mental sexual fantasies and/or ejaculation outside the female uterus is a sin = Violation of The 10 commandments of God on 9th commandment “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour” by doing the wicked act talked about in Deuteronomy 4:2!

    The condemnation upon sexual self-stimulation, ejaculation outside the female uterus, and sexual fantasizing is not only 100% wrong & 100% based on deception, but within the realm of “borderline psychotic”!

    Genesis 38:8 – 10 is where people get the wrong idea on Masturbation/Sexual self-stimulation! On the opposite:

    Genesis 38:8 – 10 is Onan not honoring his father’s wishes which Exodus 20:12, Exodus 21:15, Exodus 21:17, Leviticus 19:3, Leviticus 20:9, and Deuteronomy 27:16 is more than enough evidence to show how dishonoring and/or rebelling your father or mother is a crime worthy of death.

    PS (to nail the point accurately):

    Unclean said in Lev 15:16 – 18 is Strong’s H2930 – tame’ which defines uncleanness in either in the sexual sense, religious sense, or ceremonial sense.

    In the case of Lev 15:16 – 18, semenial ejaculation made the man “unclean” in the ceremonial sense where he can’t enter into the tabernacle of the Most High/God as the same with…

    -Women who give birth to children (Lev 12:1 – 8)
    – People afflicted with leprosy (Lev 13)
    – A Leper (Lev 14:1 – 57)
    – A man that had a running issue out of his flesh (Lev 15:1 – 15)
    – A Woman in her menstrual period (Lev 15:19 – 30)
    – A person who ate meat of an clean animal (Lev 11) either died by itself prior to being eaten or consumed by carnivorous animals (Lev 17:15)
    – A Person who ate or touch the carcass of any unclean animal (Lev 11)
    – Anyone from the sons of Aaron who has a blemish, has blindness or lame [check lameness in wikipedia or lameness in humans], multilated face, a limb too long, a broken hand or foot, crookbackt/hunchback, a dwarf/midget, a defect in his sight, have an itching disease, scabs, or crushed testicles (Lev 21:16 – 24)

    To avoid being executed for trepassing into The Most High’s Tabernacle while in the uncleaniness state (as stated above) described by Leviticus 15:31!


    hmm. this is a very sensitive issue, well am not here to castigate anybody for masturbating. I give advice to married men and women on sexual activities. men and women should enjoy sex. being religious doesn’t mean we can’t satisfy our wives or husbands. some say oral sex is a sin but I kick against that. sex is one of the greatest thing a woman can ever enjoy on earth. some marriages crashed cos of sex i.e the man isn’t satisfying the wife which makes the woman unhappy and even leads to divorce. men sex your wife, suck her, make her feel the womanhood, don’t be too righteous . give her hit sex styles, and for the women, don’t deny your man from sex. men sex ur wife very well so she won’t masturbate. it’s not easy to control ones self as singles . you can reach on me if you need more enlightenment on how satisfy ur man or woman on bed. +2347033543846.


    hi,im 37 thanx for this page im one of those who goes for sometime and be sure that ive overcomed yet the same feeling comes back.sometimes i have to watch the porno.i know is wrong but hard to get my mind out of it.but after i become so worried and confused.its hard to pray with this guilty praying hard but i cant be sure that is done while still single.but God is great lets keepon praying with confesion


    Mastrubation is clearly a sin.
    The sexual act can only be practiced within a husband-wife relationship, as a covenantal act of love and unity. There is a unhealthy spiritual connection to yourself and to different unseen evil spirits, as well as to the person you imagine while commiting the sin.
    I was addicted to it, as a man who grew up without a mother. I wanted to get what I was lacking and overcome women, to take vengance on my mother. It became a fleshly desire, and you feel free to have authority over any woman you wish, mentaly. Today I am free of that sin, my life has become holy, I feel steonger in the Lord and His anointing is stronger over me. And my mom, she is with the Lord today too.
    It might cost you some dedication and overcoming power, just like being freed from any other addiction, but with the Lord Yeshua it is possible. Set your priorities.
    Get married and have a wonerful life in Jesus. Be healthy spiritually and physically, you have to die to your flesh though, that’s also your cross.
    If you will have children, may they not say Daddy or Mommy touches himself or herself. There is holyness, pursuit it in Jesus.
    Supporting mastrubation is a bad act dear author of this article. You might cause long-term damage on the people, whether knowingly, or unknowingly. We believers should stop watering down the truth of the Gospel of freedom in Jesus. Let’s stay awaike and totally leave the world with it’s ways and walk in God’s ways.


    Thankyou for posting on this topic. I believe discussions like this are very important as many Christians are likely to be subject to false guilt and shame because they mastutbate.

    Further to my earlier comment I am praying for blessing for anyone who has said in this thread that they have struggled with masturbation. I pray that God will reveal to you how much he wants you to feel blessed by having this gift that he has given you to enable you to live a sexually pure life. We all as singles need this gift in our lives to help us deal with the massive volume of sexualised messages and content we are bombarded with in our modern day permissive sociesties.

    Keshwar Dabiri

    I think it’s a sin, because you can feel good after .it hurts you emotionally. you feel lonely more and you grief it . it’s also an anger feeling of why you don’t have a loved one in your life and a complaining attitude to God so it affect your relationship with God. Sin is any thing harm you. And when Bible says you can control your body ,you should obey God . God’s words stays the same always.

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