Matchmaker Dating, Faith and Christian Singles

Matchmaker Dating, Faith and Christian Singles

Certain online dating services are what we call matchmaker dating sites. Matchmaker dating is different from other types of online dating service (like Christian Mingle, for example) in that the person using them has less control over the dating process.

Instead of you choosing your own potential dating match, the dating matchmaker service will choose a partner for you, usually after you complete an indepth compatibility test unique to the particular service. We referred to this type of dating matchmaker service in a previous article on, which offers the kind of matchmaker site we are talking about.

Dating Matchmaker in the Bible

The first dating matchmaker was not a modern matchmaker service, but rather Abraham’s chief servant, whose name we never find out about in the Scripture.

The story in Genesis 24 goes like this: Abraham gave his chief servant, the very first dating matchmaker, the job of finding a wife for Isaac. The wonderful thing from this whole passage is that Abraham had faith in God that He would supernaturally provide a wife for his son.

Bible Verse of Day

Abraham said, “the LORD, the God of heaven, who brought me out of my father’s household. He will send His angel before you so that you can get a wife for my son from there.Genesis 24:7

Wow! Look at that faith! What about you as a single Christian seeking a mate? Do you believe your God will supernaturally provide a wife or husband for you?

I believe this because I’ve seen God play the dating matchmaker role in so many of my friends’ lives over the years. I also find it comforting that God Himself is interested in this part of our lives. He is, in fact our ultimate Dating Matchmaker.

Are you a Christian single person with something to share about matchmaker dating?

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