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Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Give Me 2 Million

Make me a match. Find me a find. Catch me a catch. Anne Majerik just caught a cool two million, so I guess she found her match. This week a California jury awarded the 60 year old social worker from Erie, PA 2.1 million dollars after she sued a Beverly Hills Matchmaker Service for failing to make her a match with an eligible millionaire.

Orly Hadida, the owner of the matchmaker service, charged Majerik over $125,000  (yes, doesn’t seem so expensive now!) with the promise  that she would meet millionaire bachelors for dating relationships.  When the promise came up empty (the poor lady only met a humble banker), Majerik sued the dating service for damages.

What’s your take on this matchmaker brouhaha?  For me, this whole case makes me want to vomit.  I don’t know what’s worse, the materialism and greed of this social worker (that’s funny), or the elitist attitude of the Ms. Hadida’s matchmaker service.  Anyway, it’s interesting that many in the jury thought both of these women despicable, and wanted each side to lose by having the judge order the defendant pay out 20 million dollars to a charity, not to Majerik. When the judge told the jury he could not do that, they grudgingly settled on the present figure.

What Are You Looking For in a Match?

So what about you?  If you are one the many Christain singles out there waiting on God for that perfect match, just what are you looking to find? Does he or she have to be filthy rich? Do they have to look like a “10”, or can they be average in appearance?  Do they have to drive an expensive car?Â

Overall, there is nothing sinful about wishing for that special soulmate, using a matchmaker service or one of the online dating services. However, before doing so we should examine our hearts motives viz-a-viz God’s word. I also will never forget my dad’s words: “What you want may not be what you need, or even what is good for you. But you can never go wrong if you give Jesus first place in your life because all these great things will be added unto you as well.”  Amen.

Are you a single Christian with your own matchmaker comments? Help other singles by sharing your thoughts.

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