Meet Christian Singles the Right Way

Meet Christian Singles the Right Way

The following meet Christian singles article was written by Rochelle, a mother of four and grandmother of three:

As a  Christian singles group leader, I have seen many attempt to meet Christian singles in  the wrong way. However, As Christian singles we need to realize that we make things harder for ourselves when we don’t follow God’s way to meet Christian singles. It’s like when we’re on the road traveling and whoever is riding with us gives us the direction but, we don’t take that direction because we think we already know the way to go.  By the time we realize we’re going the wrong way, it’s fifty miles in the wrong direction!

Meet Christian Singles God’s Way

When we meet other singles outside of God’s will (like dating an unbeliever) things are bound to go wrong. Our advice is top get back on the right road even if you have to turn around and start from where the right direction was given.

There are always consequences when we make the wrong decisions  But when we follow the Lord’s way  to meet Christian singles it CAN NOT go wrong. God said in “His” word that we are in the world but not of the world, but if we should fall, we can get up and move in the right direction with His full support.

Bible Verse of Day

~For a righteous man falls seven times, and rises again, But the wicked stumble in time of calamity~
Proverbs 24:16

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    • Cass

      Hey question here,
      There is a guy at my church that I am quite interested in and have been for the last three years, of course I have not told him because I don’t know if that proper or how to do it properly. I just don’t know if I was to tell him I would be over stepping the man being the pursuer rule.

      • Shenae

        No, there’s nothing wrong in a girl approaching a guy. God isn’t against.
        The problem is when women are overly flirtatious or when they try to entice men in an impure way. There is nothing wrong in asking a guy out for a cup of coffee.
        Maybe, when he’s busy leaving Church you can go to him and chat to him. You can ask him ou causally.
        Hope it helps. 🙂

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