Myspace Social Networks for Christian Singles

Myspace Social Networks for Christian Singles

In response to the Myspace phenomenon, several Christian single social networks and fellowships have sprung up as Myspace alternatives. Most of these Christian social networks (see list below) are Myspace wannabes which are pimped out with a look and feel similar to the Myspace layout and backgrounds. Besides their smaller membership ranks, the only real difference is that the Christian social networks are largely devoid of any questionable material. That’s a good thing!

Benefits of Christian Social Networks Like Myspace

If you are a single Christian new to the Myspace generation of social networking, there are several ways a free membership in a Christian social network may benefit you, your church or Christian singles group:

  • Stay connected through online fellowship with friends, relatives and other members of your church or singles group. Let’s face it, the hardest part of the week is not usually at church (if it is, find another one!) or your small group, but during the time when no one else is around to encourage you.

  • Christian social networks like Myspace can be used to publiciize your church, singles events, music and other single groups of all shapes like: single parenting groups, college and career groups, etc.

  • Meet other singles outside of your realm of contacts. Some feel social networks are the new way to do online dating. Will they replace the top online dating sites any time soon? Not likely, but it still gives Christian singles another option.

  • Single Christians can post their own thoughts through a private or public blog, and download and share music files via the social network.

Overall, most Christians would agree that Christian fellowship is very important for spiritual growth. Sometimes, a Christian social network is the next best way of “being there.” If you are a single Christian using a social network like Myspace, please consider helping others by sharing your thoughts on networking.

Top Christian Social Networks:

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