New Brunswick Church-NJ Churches in New Brunswick

New Brunswick Church-NJ Churches in New Brunswick

Looking for New Brunswick churches or perhaps just one particular New Brunswick, NJ church to attend? Well, Oasis Church, our New Brunswick NJ area church plant, will be contemporary in format as opposed to most other New Brunswick churches. Hub City, as New Brunswick is called, has some great places of worship of Christians, but in this county of 800,000 strong form all over the world, there is always room for one more good New Brunswick Church.

Our New Brunswick Church Target Audience

Since singles are the most unchurched group anywhere, and Rutgers University has 50,000 + students on five campuses (College Aveune, Busch, Livingston. Douglass and Cook) all within a few minutes drive of our New Brunswick church, there is a great opportunity to reach a ton of folks for Jesus right here. Our primary targets are therefore singles and young married folks. Most new Brunswick churches target either one or the other.

Since Rutgers University has students from almost every country of the world, we believe if more New Brunswick churches could reach people here, this could be an impetus for worldwide revival. Now wouldn’t that be nice? Want to join our new New Brunswick church work at the exciting ground floor level? Call us at 732-406-7821, or click on the Oasis Church icon to the right on our sidebar.

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