Online Dating Statistics

Online Dating Statistics

I am interested in online dating statistics because our site ministers to singles of all kinds. For whatever it’s worth here are some online dating statistics I hope you find encouraging and interesting:

Online Dating Statistics Facts

  • A useful online dating statistic that is useful for online dating Christians is that over 40 million singles use online Christian dating services. According to Jupiter Research and our own surveys the top online dating sites Christians use are:

Christian Mingle
Christian Cafe

  • According to US Census projections there will over 110 million single adults by 2010. I know some single Christians fear remaining alone but I think that’s an online dating statistic to feel encouraged over because among those we know there are plenty of Christian singles among these.
  • Think you’re missing out by not cruising the club scene. Think again. Less than 5% of men and women say they ever meet anyone they would consider dating in these joints. Of course, we already knew where Christian singles meet others.

God and Online Dating Stats

While all of these online dating statistics may be fun or depressing to read, the real truth is that with God numbers don’t matter. All throughout the Scriptures we see men and woman of God overcoming huge odds to the goal they were seeking.

Bible Verse of Day

~What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?~Romans 8:31

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