Paris Hilton a Christian?

Paris Hilton a Christian?

Has Paris Hilton become a Christian? While in jail recently in LA, Paris Hilton stated she had “found God.” After her release from jail Paris appeared on CNN with Larry King and stated: “It was a very traumatic experience but I feel like God does make everything happen for a reason.”

So what do you think? Is Paris the new Christian single on the block? As I was writing this Christian article on my computer, a Christian single guy walked by and blurted out, “Give me a break! She’s so disgusting!” No doubt many of us are wary when people claim to “find God” in jail. Considering her past, it’s understandable that many feel this way about Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton, Paul and God’s Amazing Grace!

In all honesty, I really didn’t believe what Paris Hilton was telling the world about her new found faith. But now I certainly believe it is is possbile, especially after thinking about God’s amazing grace. Is not our Lord in the business of taking rotten singles (and all others) and turning them into something beautiful? If you’ve forgotten, perhaps you need to look in the mirror?

Hey, and let’s look at the Apostle Paul. He stated “God found him” along the Damascus Road. If you read the book of Acts, you’ll see that many did not believe him either. Wow!

Bible Verse of Day

~This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief~ 1Timothy 1:15

Do we need to say anything else?

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    It hurts me to read, “Give me a break! She’s so disgusting!” It is not really for us to judge whether or not Paris has made a conversion, I have just felt led to pray for her. The idea of her coming to the Lord excites me. When did we become so harsh? Why does are heart not break when we see others who do not know the love of God. We are “disgusted” by the activities and choices of others who have either rejected, or never been introduced to the heart of God. That shows a lot about our own hearts. How we treat creation reflects the way we feel about the creator. Paris Hilton was created to be loved by God. That is true. Jesus died for her. And, if it had only been for her, and you and that christian single guy had never been born, He still would have died in order to be with her.


    one of my friends told me he read somwhere that Paris has been saved. I laughed out of excitment and asked “for real?” Then I felt really dumb after even for asking that question. I forgot my roots and where I came from. I will pray for fruit in her walk with Chirst. Keep praying till fruit of the Spirit is seen. What an awesome testimony this will be.

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