Relationships for Dummies-Christian Singles

Relationships for Dummies-Christian Singles

Anybody out there wish there was a book called  Relationships for Dummies? I sure do. In my 20-Somethings group, there appears to be a number of single Christians who are clueless about the opposite sex and dating, and would benefit from a Relationships for Dummies manual. I mean it could cover all types of  situations and offer sound, biblical advice on issues ranging from sex sins and dating, to marriage, divorce,  how to ask a girl or guy out on a date,  to dating advice on how start using on using online Christian dating services.

Relationships for Dummies Blog

I guess in a way, this Christian singles blog is an online Relationships for Dummies manual. The cool thing about a Christian dating advice like this is that it is interactive, and you can get feedback from other relationship dating dummies too. LOL

In our Bible Verse of the Day (8.23.11 it reads: Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed. Proverbs 15:22 I think that’s the best relationships for dummies advice I can give.

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    • Henry H Copeland

      Single man age 47 (48 in Oct) never married,not after a relationship right now praying and researching on whether Masturbation is a sin. I’m going to say if there is a medical need for it its not a sin,say once every few days to relieve buildup. Whats yalls opinion?

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