Romance Relationship Hope for Christian Singles

Romance Relationship Hope for Christian Singles

Spending New Years Eve minus a romance relationship usually spells loneliness and depression. I know many Christian singles reading this watched the Ball drop last night without a romance relationship in sight. Sigh. Under these circumstances it’s very easy to lull ourselves into a self-pity party, especially as we observe other couples enjoying their romance relationships.

Romance Relationship Hope for the Future

Last night as I watched the record crowd during the Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration, it dawned on me that many of the celebrants in romance relationships probably didn’t know Jesus as Lord and Saviour. The I sadly Thought, “what lasting hope for the future do they really have?” Yet, they sure seemed happy as they whooped it up.

Saint Paul tells us a wonderful thing about having Jesus in our lives: we are not like the world, who have no hope for the future. No, as Christians, we have a glorious future hope in Him!

So how does romantic relationships fit in all of this? Only in this way: The same God who has given you hope for eternity has also promised to meet our needs in this life as well.

My advice as you seek a romance relationship in 2007?

  • Pray to God, expecting miraculous results in the area of romance relationships.
  • Take faith filled risks as you do your part to fulfill your end of the bargain. This may mean joining a new Church singles group, or signing up at a Christian dating service
  • Consider 2007 a new chance to claim anew His promises found in His Word.

Bible Verse of Day

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.Jeremiah 29:11

Are you a single Christian with something bad or good to share about romance relationships?

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