Romantic Christian Singles?

Romantic Christian Singles?

Does the term romantic Christian singles shake you one way or the other? Several Christians I have bumped into recently, curiously all married, have told me that they feel it is a ‘sin” for Christian singles to be romantic. So what do you think? Is the term “romantic Christian single” an oxymoron?  Does entertaining romantic thoughts as a Christian make one prone to sinful behavior?  Kind of like stoking the fires, setting one up for sexual sin?

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    • lola

      i think that romance before marriage is dangerous as it makes one vulnerable to sexual sins. so to avoid fornication one must flee. this means any act that may cause one to be sexually aroused should by all means in dating relationships.

      • Eddie

        I believe being a romantic christian is a part and an essential component for determining how well you are connecting. Eventually , leading to a clear minded decision for marriage.

        To say that romance is an avenue for sexual sin is ignorant.

        • Anonymous

          Why would it be a sin? Isn’t “romance” another word for courtship? For wooing someone? What could possibly be wrong with that?

          If we’re to accept the Bible as a model, Song of Songs is a VERY romantic book. We’re also treated to some other great love stories–Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob and Rachel, Ruth and Boaz, Mary and Joseph.

          When I think of “romance,” I think of little loving gestures–flowers for no reason, an unexpected card to say “I love you,” a dinner cooked from scratch. These are, at heart, small sacrifices made for the benefit of the beloved. They exemplify the sacrifices we’re asked to make every day for others, and they mirror the larger sacrifices that the Biblical patriarchs made. For example, think of Jacob working 14 years for Rachel or Joseph taking Mary as his wife in spite of the attendant personal shame. These are romantic gestures on a much larger scale.

          God Himself often described His people as His bride and spoke of all the good gifts He would give to them. He is our best model, and the model He sets is of a groom who romances His bride with the treasures of heaven, who would even sacrifice His own life for her. If that isn’t romantic, I don’t know what is.

          • Mandy

            Both romance and sexual attraction are necessary components of a lasting and godly relationship, but the truoble is when we get into the action prior to the covenant, marriage is what gives us the license to go all the way with our romance and sexual desires, it how God blesses the marriage. And to ignore that sexual acitvity before marriage is sin, is just not been honest with God and yourself, if you indeed call yourself a Christian. We are God’s vessels, for His honour and glory, not for our very own lusts and fleshly desires. The gift of sex is just that, a gift to people that have already made a commitment to themselves and God Almighty.

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