Romantic Love Song Quote

Romantic Love Song Quote

Who doesn’t like a good romantic love song now and again? The neat thing about romantic love songs is that they can be loved by millions, but still have deep personal significance for individuals and couples as well. Isn’t it amazing how music can stir the emotions and will of of a soul? I think that’s one reason why our God created it.

Romantic Love Song Sung with Passion

I believe if you’re gonna do a romantic love song, it should be sung with some passion. I mean when I listen to a song, whether it be a gospel song or a romantic love song, I want to sense that the person(s) singing it believes and feels what they’re singing is true. That just makes it more real for me.

Someday soon, Christian Dating Service PLUS! is going to conduct a survey of the top romantic love songs of all time. Yeah, you can have your own vote too. In the mean time though, I’d like to share a quote from one of my favorite romantic love songs. The guy who wrote and performed it is Bryan Adams. It’s called “Every Thing I Do, I Do For You”. In the song (to get all lyrics just Google the name) he expresses a passionate, sacrificial love that reminds me of Jesus’ love for us. Here is a portion of the song:

Sweet and Cute Love Quote of Day

-Everything I do – I do it for you
There’s no love – like your love
And no other – could give more love
There’s nowhere – unless you’re there
All the time – all the way-

You don’t have to wait for our romantic love song survey to share your favorites. Just make a comment and leave it right here!

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    • Melinda

      One simple song…
      Can make a huge difference between a couple,God created music because he knew what powerful is a simple music.
      We can feel the mistery,the love,the joy…

      • Jimmie Vestal

        A romantic love song may also have a hidden spiritual aspect to it.

        This is true with my song, “The Strongest Love” (available as a digital download through iTunes, Napster,Rhapsody,Audi9oLunchbox,BuyMusic,MusicNet,Pay Play, etc.). The song repeats the same verse four times, yet it reveals three viewpoints. It was written to answer the question, “What is the strongest love?”
        The answer is: God’s love for us, the kind that binds like glue.

        First Verse:



        In the past, humans have tried to find happiness by their own efforts and through material, non-spiritual methods.

        Copyright © Jimmie Vestal Sand and Palms Music (BMI)

        • Juliete Alves

          Gosto de criar músicas mais queria saber um pouco mais sobre elas.

          Eu faço as músicas para mim mesma eu queria me aprofundar neste mistério !!!

          Gostei muito deste site !

          Por ele falar um pouco mais sobre a dama dos nossos sentimentos a “canção” !

          • NH

            many years ago I was playing this song on the guitar and I actually thought..what if I sing this to Jesus…..
            Today I see someone else sharing the similar view…

            Its amazing how much Jesus adores us..

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