Single Dads Dealing with Grief and Loss

Single Dads Dealing with Grief and Loss

Hundreds of single dads who lost their wives during the 9/11 terrorist attacks are still dealing with grief. One particular single dad I interviewed relayed that he and his deceased wife had both worked in the World Trade Center. He survived that day only because he was late to work after taking his child to the school bus.

Single Dads Going Through Grief

The worst part of that day for this single dad was having to tell his five year old daughter that her mommy was never coming home. As he shared, you could just feel the grief, guilt and anger oozing out of his heart.

Most singles can’t identify with the way this single dad lost his lifelong soulmate. However, many Christian single parents, both single moms and single dads, can empathize with his his sense of loss because they have suffered a lost relationship as well.

Let’s face it, losing a relationship is always hard, and a loss of a relationship through a divorce or death of a mate is a source of deep grief. Because “Michael”, the single father mentioned above, had no where dump his feelings, he ended up having a nervous breakdown. Sadly, he still suffers anxiety attacks as part of a Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

Fortunately, this should not have to be the case for Christian single dads (or single moms) suffering in this way because we have a heavenly Dad who wants us share our pain with him. Not only that, He has the wherewithal to give us real relief.

Bible Verse of the Day

“Cast your burden upon the Lord , and He shall sustain you.”
Psalm 55:22

Thought of Day

Lay down the burden of your heart.
I know you’ll never miss it.
Show your Daddy where it hurts,
And let your Daddy lift it.
Amy Grant

Consider helping other singles by sharing your experiences as a single dad.

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    • Single Dad

      I totally agree with this. I know how hard it is to handle such situation. The hardest part is dealing with children and telling them they won’t be seeing their moms as often as they used to.

      • Linda Deavall

        Just a year and half ago I became a single Mom who is dealing with grief and loss. I’ve been there and I am still there ! I share all my pain with a very dear friend, who had experienced the same. I’m still dealing with the shock, it was an accident, just a minute away – then gone, in an instant, permanent absence.

        But I can say throughout this horrific ordeal, I lean heavily on God and it is because of this close relationship that keeps me going from day to day. He is my comfort. I find myself singing for hours to keep my resolve strong. Of course it is difficult, still painful but in that pain comes a quiet strength and feeling of God’s presence in my life. Leaning on God – works !

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