Single, Solo, and Sad

Single, Solo, and Sad

From the beginning of creation God intended for us to have a partner in life. Early on God tells us it is not good for us to be alone. (Genesis 2:18) He makes his intentions very clear that the form this will take is as man and wife. (Genesis 2:24)

Each time we meet our next prospect our hearts beat with anticipation. Is this going to be the one? Has God finally answered my prayers and sent my soul mate to me? Things seem perfect at first. The euphoria of new found love makes us feel like we are walking on a cloud. Maybe he/she is even a believer.

Then something goes wrong. This person is definitely not the same one you were just walking on the clouds with. You are left with a heart that is broken. Disappointed and disillusioned you wonder if you are doomed to a life of loneliness and frozen dinners.

It seems almost cruel that God would design our hearts, minds and bodies to be perfectly matched with another only to feel we have been sentenced to live out our days alone. We look around at our friends who all seem to have found their mate. They are having children, raising families and our biological time clock just keeps ticking louder. When will it be my turn?

Just as a batter warms up, practices and prepares before his turn to hit, we must prepare ourselves before we are up at the plate.

• Above all else we are to put God first in our lives. From that devotion, every great fruit will prosper. (Matthew 22:37) When we love God with everything we have, only then are we truly ready to share our lives and love another.
• Let God heal any past hurts in your life and fill up any holes in your heart. You don’t want to be up at bat with a sprained ankle.
• Be careful not to rush into any relationship too quickly. In our Godly heartfelt desire to be with someone, we may talk ourselves into thinking this is the right person. Let the Holy Spirit guide you along the way. Don’t dismiss red flags when you see them. (In other words, don’t swing at every pitch thrown your way!)
• Don’t compromise your beliefs and settle for less than God wants for you. Now we are not talking about someone’s silly habit of biting their fingernails. A strong relationship is based on a strong foundation. It is important that your core values on family, relationship to God, and your sexuality be aligned. Once you have these key elements all the little things will fall in line.
• Don’t look right past what may be your greatest blessing. Be open to what God is trying to do in your life. You may have always dated older people, or someone who didn’t have children already. You never know where love may be hiding (Keep an eye out for the perfect pitch!)

Especially in today’s world, it is not easy being a Christian single. The challenges we face are substantially different than ever before. Although being single and solo may bring us sadness, remain faithful that God wants to work wonders in your life. Walk with God in harmony and you will never be a solo.

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Bible Verse of Day 

~He will never leave thee nor forsake thee~Hebrew 13:5

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    • Aaron

      Please pray the Lord brings me a change to experience his rest and assurance of forgiveness for some past sins that involved me violating my conscience and hurting my old girlfriend. I have walked away and gotten forgiveness from her but really have not felt free of my guilt for essentially using her. I didn’t love her (and yes its more complicated than that I feared she would kill herself if I told the truth and left.) I am older now and wiser and don’t do that anymore, but still feel remorse, I just want freedom and forgiveness, and its killing me inside that I was a betrayer, I “tried” to fall in love, but fell into the worst rut of self-hatred, and couldn’t make things better but pretended they were. Thanks!!

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