Singles Living Victoriously

Singles Living Victoriously

Are you living victoriously today as a single person? I just read this excellent book by Danny Lovett called Rod of the Spirit. Basically, he wrote that when trouble comes in one’s life (ie: a broken heart, single parenting problems, a sickness, an abuse relationship, etc.) it’s easy to lose your contentment. In these times you can become one of two things: a victim or a victor over your circumstance. Of course, on our own we are pretty much powerless, but if we surrender to the Holy Spirit and let Him fill us and lead us during these kind of circumstance, we can rise up victoriously through them.

So, let me as you a question. Are you living today as a victim or a victor?

Bible Verse of the Day

~For God works together all things for good to those who love the Lord~Romans 8:28

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