Soul Mate Indicators for Single Christians

Soul Mate Indicators for Single Christians

Are you a single christian looking for soul mate indicators?  Well you’ve come to the right place!  Finding your soul mate can be a difficult task.  Once you get into a relationship with somebody, sometimes it is hard to know if they are the one that you are meant to be with forever.  And to make things worse, if you do a Google search of “soul mate indicators” you find many astrology, numerology, and psychic web sites.  These sites are bogus! The stars cannot tell you anything about who your soul mate is, and neither can a fake online psychic.

Remember to trust the Lord. God is the only one who know who your soul mate is and when/where the two of you will meet.  After all, the Lord has the perfect plan for you life, so pray about it and ask him to reveal to you if the person that you are seeing is the one that you are meant to be with forever.  If you let God guide your life, then nothing will go wrong.  If the person you are seeing now ends up not being your soul mate, then trust in the Lord and he will guide you to your real soul mate.  He knows the perfect time and place for you to meet them.  The following are some real soul mate indicators that are based on the way God wants us to live our lives.

The most important indicator to look for in a potential soul mate is their love for the Lord.  Your relationship should honor God, and the two of you should have a desire to serve the Lord together.  You have to be connected on a spiritual level so that you can both honor God together, so if the other person doesn’t share you Love for Jesus, than maybe they are not your soul mate.

The next soul mate indicator is that you both Love each other and respect each other.  You must love each other unconditionally just as the Lord loves us.  I know this sounds obvious, but many times people jump the gun when it comes to knowing for sure if the person they are dating seriously is their soul mate.  You need to love each other for who you are, and not want to change anything about the other person.  You should also have a very close friendship as the foundation of the relationship.  All the most fulfilling long lasting relationships have friendship at the root of them!


Bible Verse of the Day

Amos 3:3

3Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

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    what I often find when it comes to people looking for their soul mate is that they keep thinking a soul mate is a person of their own age group – and of the opposite sex. often, looking for a soul mate seems to be confused with looking for the perfect lover … however, a soul mate can be of the same sex and can also be considerably older or younger ….. sometimes several decades. a soul mate is not necessarily the one you are going to marry ….

    as for the above mentioned indicators: love, respect, friendship and accepting the person for who he/she is comes so naturally when you interact with your soul mate. this is not something you even have to think about. it’s given. if you have to make an effort to act that way then it’s probably not your soulmate.

    and another myth – finding your soul mate doesn’t mean the end of all your (love) problems. often times such a relationship can mean that we have to deal with circumstances in our lives that are quite challenging – but nevertheless help us further down the path and towards personal maturity…

    also, keep in mind that soul mates can come from all walks of life.

    hope this helps

    Chantel Wilson

    God will reveal who your soulmate is.and since we are dealing with God he will no allow your soulmate to be the same sex, because God feels that homosexuality is an abomination and also the person that he has planned for you will be the one you will marry. BecAuse the God of Moses thank you…. Wants us to help build his kingdom, so why wouldn’t he want us to mArry our soulmate he has planned for us.


    I believe in God and I believe that people these days are confusing love with sex. I’m only 14 and of course I am a virgin and I’m staying that way for a long time until I’m at a decent age and meet the right person etc. People have said I’m mature for my age mentally, maybe that’s why I feel strong about these kind of topics. I just wanted to say don’t let any peer pressure you because in the end it’s you who will look back and regret it.
    I’m in no rush as I am very young and i’m aware of that. No matter what age you are, you shouldn’t give in to temptation or feel a bit like you have to rush and get married and have sex. Patience is all you need. Good things come to those who wait.


    I believe with my heart that God intended for some people to be married and some people to be single. It says so in the book of I Corinthians 7.(Read for yourself.) It not a sin to be single and not a sin to be married. Marriage is for the believers, man and woman not man and man or woman or woman. God can not be mocked. Each day Jesus Christ gives us opportunity to make the right choices because we are preparing for the Kingdom of God and will continually, daily ask for the forgivneness and repenting of our sins. Because no sin will enter the Kingdom of God. Also the Lord says don’t look for a husband or wife. Because David looked for Bathsheba and she was already married to someone else and David ended up committing adultery with her. Use Genesis 19 Abraham’s servant who is sent out to by prayer and guidance to bring a wife for Isaac, as an example that the Lord will guide your step to your mated according to His will and pray about the situation then He will answer in his timing.

    Two Becomes One

    I agree with your advice. God can see the big picture, whereas we can only see the part of the road that we are traveling right now. Trust him for the right person in your life. Sometimes you have to meet the wrong one to get to the right one. It sounds crazy, but a friend of mine left town to clear her head from a bad relationship. She was feeling lost. Because she took that trip she met her future husband. They are now traveling the country in an RV and loving life together.

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