Spiritual Journey of Singles

Spiritual Journey of Singles

According to our survey results, most singles agree that they are on a spiritual journey. Unfortunately, most admit that they are clueless as to where that spiritual journey may lead. Therefore many seek guidance for their spiritual journey. Some seek spiritual gurus from Eastern religions. Others go to fortune tellers for help with their spiritual journey. It seems some people will try anything except a relationship with the one true God as found in the Holy Bible.

Spiritual Journey that Leads to Life

So the question begs itself: Where are you seeking to get your innermost needs met today? From man, religion or Jesus Christ?

In Revelation 17, we see the fall of religious Babylon… humanity’s attempt to meet its own spiritual needs apart from the true God and the true Messiah. Babylon is a theme that runs from Genesis (starting in Gen. 11 with the Tower of Babel) to Revelation (ending with its destruction in Rev. 17 and 18). Only faith in the living Christ lasts forever. Let’s cultivate a growing relationship with the One who died for us and loves us. Now that’s a spiritual journey that ends in joy!

Bible Verse of Day

~Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under
heaven given among men by which we must be saved~ Acts 4:12

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