Sweet Things to Say to a Christian Girl

Sweet Things to Say to a Christian Girl

sweet things to say to a christian girl
Sweet things to say to a Christian girl.

Are you a single guy looking for sweet things to say to a Christian girl? What are sweet things to say to a girl you like?  Many single guys, whether they are Christian or not, have true feelings of warmth deep inside their hearts. However, some not only have a difficult time thinking of sweet things to say to their girlfriends, they also get “tongue-tied” when trying to express them as well. Where’s Cyrano de Bergerac when we really need him?

Sweet Things to Say to A  Girl Difficulties

Hey, no one has ever accused the average guy of having great conversational skills when it comes to expressing the “softer” side of his makeup. Why? We’re taught from an early age to be “macho” and oftentimes this is unfortunately equated with being effeminate. So when it comes to sweet things to say to a girl, many guys feel like they are walking on a tightrope.

The most popular suggestion we heard from single girls, was that love shy guys should simply write down the sweet things they want to say to their girlfriends as a song or cute love poem quote. Guys, listen up. Girls really eat this stuff up, and writing down sweet things to say to your girlfriend using this method can be a wonderfully freeing experience.

If it’s not happening for you in the above way, never fear! We have some ready made sweet things to say to your girlfriend we’ve been accumulating that will be sure to get your own creative thoughts flowing. Of course, it goes without saying that any sweet things you say to your girlfriend should come straight from the heart, and not for manipulative reasons.

Sweet things to Say to a Christian  Girl

Sayings from Famous Love Songs

You really take my breath away.
You make me feel brand new.
When I see you smile I can do anything.
Whenever I see your smilin’ face, I have to smile myself because I love you.
You are the sunshine of my life.
You’re so sweet you give me a toothache. (okay, I made this one up!)

Bible Verse of Day

~Pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones~
Proverbs 16:24

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