'Christian dating' Tagged Posts

'Christian dating' Tagged Posts

best christian dating sites

Qualities of Best Christian Dating Sites: A Guide for Single Christians

This article centers on common characteristics of “best Christian sites”, Believe it or not, there are 100’s of purported online Christian dating sites worldwide. With so many Christian dating sites to choose from, you couldn’t blame Christian singles for being a little confused as to which Christian dating site to use. Understanding the qualities of the best Christian dating sites is crucial for single Christians to find a platform that aligns with their values and relationship goals. This article explores…
christian dating principals

Christian Dating Principles For Single Christians

Many singles write us asking for Christian dating principles or Christian dating rules to guide their dating lives. Well, listen. I don’t claim to be a Christian dating expert, but I do know that the Scriptures have some wonderful stuff from which we can cobble some general Christian dating principles. The pursuit of love is universal, yet for Christian singles, this journey is not merely about finding a compatible partner. It’s about aligning the heart’s desires with God’s plan and…

Christian Singles Blog

Welcome to the new singles blog side of  Oasis-Church-NJ.com! This is a safe place where Christian singles, pastors or  seeking pagans can share, view, comment and read  “stuff” on a variety of different topics  of concern to Christian singles that many churches need to address, but simply don’t.  Singles are crying out for help! One purpose on this Christian singles site is to listen and pray for them, whether they are sharing about their struggles with masturbation or some other …