'sexual purity' Tagged Posts

'sexual purity' Tagged Posts

sexual purity of Christian singles

Sexual Purity and the Bible

That’s right-we are going to talk about sexual purity, the topic that everybody likes to avoid.  Sexual impurity ranges from a lust-full thought to actual acts of perverted behavior.  In today’s modern world, every where you look, there’s sex and very rarely is it between two married people.  If you turn on the TV, you see scantily clad women on MTV, and HBO.  You can go to the super market to see magazines with half naked models and articles about…

Sexual Purity and Abstinence

The following article was written by Jesse Butler, an 18 year old Christian Teen: Many people feel uncomfortable when the topic of sexual purity or abstinence comes up mainly due to their own temptations, or past sins. As Christians, we are commanded by God to live a sexually pure life. Now I’m sure that all of you have heard all this before: “Save sex for marriage, blah blah blah…” But the problem is not knowing what is right. The real…