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'single adults' Tagged Posts

alcohol use disorder

Alcohol Use Disorder Among Single Christians

This is a fact: Alcohol Use Disorder is much more prevalent among single people (across all age groups) than among those who are married. While single men are by far the largest demographic that uses and abuses alcohol, recent studies in the US and UK find alarming rises in alcohol use and abuse among single women. Alcohol abuse is a significant societal problem affecting multiple demographic groups, including Christian singles. Despite the public image of sobriety often associated with the…

Emerging Church Movement and Single Adults Who Think Church Sucks

The emerging or emergent church “conversation” is changing the way many Christians think about reaching singles, who are by far the most unchurched group in places like the US and UK. As some emerging church propenents rightly remind us, the vast majority of the 90 million American single adults avoid traditional church at all costs, and something must be done to reach them While I’m not part of the emerging church movement because I do believe in propositional truths as…