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Single Gals and God’s Grace

As a former mediator in family court, I’ve  seen a lot of single gals come through our doors. Not a few of these single gals are pregnant teen girls in great financial, spiritual and emotional need. This thought about single gals got me thinking about Mary, the blessed mother of Jesus, our Saviour. Think about it. She too was a single gal, a pregnant teenager with some heavy needs of her own. Single Gal Problems First of all, she was…

Single Women and Men Looking to Get Married

According to a MSN single life survey, only 20% of single women and men are not looking to get married; However, more than 28% of singles expect to remain in their single life state. The results of this singles survey means that a substantial number of singles are walking around with unfulfilled desires and lack of contentment with their singlehood. Where do you stand on this issue? If you are seeking to attract the right person to date and eventually…