Teen Love Quotes

Teen Love Quotes

We labeled the following a teen love quote only because of the source:

-Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love-
Charlie Brown in Peanuts

Teen Love Quote for Adults Too

Although this teen love quote comes from a comic strip, the truth in it runs deep. Nothing is more difficult to swallow or sad then loving someone who does not love you back. I know our Lord knows how that feels, but have you ever experienced this? Feel free to share your comments and quotes.

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    Emily Williamson

    We teens have the mind of curiosity, confusion, and depression. We think we know whats right; and whats wrong. Us, teens; are capibal of getting on these sites, and not knowing what there getting into. So Therefore; this website, might help build up teens confidence.


    I spend most my 16 yr old life cryin over my exs… im lonely and most the ppl in my family have met there husbands at age 14-17 .. i cant get over my first luv.. but he doesnt luv me back anymore. God bless u all <3

    Tembo Philip

    Only God holds the keys to our destinies and only he knows who ends up with who and why.
    But I must confess, am really touched by some of the quotes and advice found on this page.
    Teenage is a period of passive insanity and hence the need for such pages as this one cannot be over-emphasized

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