10 Reasons to Be Thankful Being Single

10 Reasons to Be Thankful Being Single

Thankfulness at being single
Thankfulness at being single

There are many reasons to be thankful being single. Thanksgiving Day is a time of thankfulness and being thankful for all our blessings. However, for many singles it’s simply another holiday to survive, and a reminder of how lonely and frustrating life can be without the emotional and physical intimacy of a mate. That’s why showing thankfulness is difficult for many of my Christian single solo friends, especially during this time of year. Do you feel the same way?

Being single, especially as a Christian, offers a unique set of experiences and opportunities that can be deeply fulfilling and spiritually enriching. Here are ten reasons to be thankful for being single from a Christian perspective:

  1. Opportunity for Personal Growth and Self-Discovery: Being single allows you the time and space to focus on personal development. This is a time for self-reflection, and understanding your own needs, desires, and goals. As a Christian, it’s a chance to deepen your relationship with God without distractions and discover the unique plan He has for your life.
  2. Freedom to Serve: Singlehood provides more flexibility in terms of time and commitments. This can be utilized to serve in church, participate in missions, or engage in community service. Serving others is a core principle of Christianity, and being single allows you to serve God and your community in ways that might be more challenging with family responsibilities.
  3. Strengthening Faith and Trust in God: Being single can be a powerful journey in trusting God’s plan for your life. It teaches patience and reliance on God’s timing. This period can strengthen your faith as you learn to lean on God for companionship and guidance, rather than relying solely on a partner.
  4. Building Stronger Friendships and Church Relationships: Without the commitments of a romantic relationship, you have more time to invest in other relationships. This is a time to build strong bonds with friends, family, and church members. These relationships can be sources of support, encouragement, and spiritual growth.
  5. Personal Ministry Development: Singlehood can be an excellent time to discover and develop your personal ministry. Whether it’s evangelism, teaching, music, or another form of ministry, being single gives you the time to hone these skills and use them for the glory of God.
  6. Financial Flexibility and Stewardship: Without the financial responsibilities that often come with marriage and family, you have more control over your finances. This allows for better stewardship of your resources and the opportunity to support causes and ministries that are important to you.
  7. Undivided Devotion to God: Apostle Paul mentions the benefits of being single and the undivided devotion to the Lord it can bring (1 Corinthians 7:32-35). As a single Christian, you can fully immerse yourself in your relationship with God, dedicating your time and energy to understanding His Word and growing spiritually.
  8. Learning Contentment in Every Season: Being single teaches you to find contentment in Christ regardless of your relationship status. This is a valuable lesson in a world that often equates happiness with being in a relationship or married. Finding joy and fulfillment in God alone is a powerful testimony of faith.
  9. Exploration and Adventure: Singlehood offers the flexibility to explore, travel, and embark on adventures that might be more challenging with a partner or family. These experiences can be enriching and eye-opening, allowing you to see God’s work in various cultures and environments.
  10. Preparation for Future Relationships: If marriage is in your future, being single is a valuable time to prepare for that season. It’s a time to understand what it means to be a godly partner, to pray for your future spouse, and to develop qualities that will contribute to a healthy, Christ-centered marriage.

A Tradition of Thankfulness

In answer to this need, each year we usually have a big Thanksgiving Day feast at my house for unattached singles. One of the highlights is that in between stuffing our faces with turkey and anything else not walking off the table, we would share our thankfulness for what God has done in our lives the past year.

Thankfulness is a hard thing to fake. But ever so slowly, trickles of thankfulness would pour out of hearts, some of which were heartbroken, and the spirit of rejoicing would begin. The feeling would be the same one would get when the warm sun starts breaking through the clouds on a somber day.

Thankfulness Observations for Single Christians

Listen I haven’t figured out all this thankfulness stuff yet, but here are some things I have observed:

  • We are commanded by the Lord to show thankfulness with a grateful heart.
  • Thankfulness in our hearts unleashes the power of God in our lives because it lets God and the Enemy know we trust and believe in His power and provision, come hell or high water.
  • Thankfulness means we’ve made peace with our past, and are content in our present circumstances. Unthankful folks are constantly referring to past “what ifs and if only’s”. What a drag!
  • People who show thankfulness spread a contagious spirit of faith and joy to others. I guess that’s why God wants us to show thankfulness. These thankful souls are able to trust God for big things in the future.

We said earlier it’s hard to fake thankfulness. Yet God tells us to be thankful. Are you feeling unthankful this day because of your present circumstances of being single or any other issues going on in your life?

Here’s what we do at our yearly feast:

  • Get out a piece of paper and begin listing everything (and we mean everything!) you can show thankfulness for in your life. You may feel this a lame idea and not likely to work. Don’t let those negative feelings to control you.
  • As you list your blessings, think about what God has to bring about each one.
  • Begin to thank and worship Him for who He is, and let Him minister to your heart.

In conclusion, being single as a Christian is not just a phase to endure until marriage. It’s a season filled with opportunities for growth, service, and deepening your relationship with God. Each season of life comes with its own blessings, and singlehood is no different. It’s a time to embrace the unique opportunities it offers and to be thankful for the ways it can enrich your walk with Christ.

Bible Verse of Day

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.
Colossians 3:17

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