Tim Tebow, Christian Single, Wins Heisman Trophy

Tim Tebow, Christian Single, Wins Heisman Trophy

Tim Tebow (20) is single and a dedicated Christian. More than that Tebow, University of Florida quarterback, has just won the Heisman Trophy, which goes each year to the greatest college football player. The media wanted to know what was the most important thing in Tim’s life. Poor media. They didn’t know what hit them. Tim Tebow is always prepared and this Christian single was just waiting for this one.

Tim Tebow-A Christian Single with Godly Priorities

Tim Tebow told the shocked media that his number one priority was not football or fame or a dating relationship. No. He boldly told them that his number 1 priority was his personal relationship with Jesus Christ, his Lord and Saviour. Go Tim Tebow! In fact, he told the folks that football came in number 4, right behind his family and relationships with others.

Hey, so what’s the most important thing or priority in your life?

Bible Verse of the Day

~Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need~ Matthew 6:33

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    so i just heard from a few different sources that tim tebow is actually engaged with a girl named whitney. Do you now if that is true?


    No that’s bull. He dated her for a little while but he broke up with her a long time ago. He’s single.

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