Tiny Single Women

Tiny Single Women

Based on what we see from our readers, 70% of whom are female, a lot of single women  out there think men are “into” tiny single women. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ib fat survey after survey has shown that while single women feel they need to be a size 4  or less to get and keep a man, men feel just the opposite. Looking at pictures of various women and choosing what they considered to be attractive, the vast majority of men prefer their women  to be at least a size 8!  In other words ladies, men like their women to have “some meat” around those bones of yours. So why the  the discrepancy?

Tiny Single Women Theory

Our  take on the matter is that Hollywood and the media have bamboozled us  into believing that tiny single women  have it all over those who are simply average (and healthy I might add) in size and shape.  What about you?  As a single Christian  woman, do you feel you have to size down to have any chance for a meaningful, committed relationship with an attractive Christian single guy?  Is your self esteem needlessly taking beating in this area because you are  believing the lies? Comments are appreciated.

Bible Verse of Day

~Body and soul, I am marvelously made!
I worship in adoration—what a creation!
You know me inside and out,
you know every bone in my body;
You know exactly how I was made, bit by bit,
how I was sculpted from nothing into something~Psalms 139:14,15

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    • Sharon

      This article should be renamed from “tiny”, to “slim, fit, athletic”…. especially in the church! I have struggled with weight my entire life, though I can do many sports and try to make myself look nice as far as makeup and clothes. But I haven’t been below a size 14 for a long time. Needless to say I am single. If you read MOST ads from guys on singles sites, even Christian ones, they are looking for women who are slim, fit, athletic… and a size 8 would be considered slim. I WISH I were a size 8! LOL

      • Lunch

        Sharon, seriously most guys arent into stick rail size 8 women. My country had a recent survey and found most guys like on average size 14. Women are suposed to have curves. Personally I like a size 14-16 🙂

        • Sourapples

          I am a devout Christian women, single in my 30s, though I enjoy being single and I am somewhat liberal. For better or for worse, looks matter and are a sign of how well a person takes care of him/herself. I don’t think that being a certain size matters per se, because they all fluctuate based on who the designer is and how the clothes are cut However, I noticed that tone (physical evidence that you move) and style count.

          • Michael

            Well, I am a 37 yr old single christian man. I have not only been married once, but I have also dated my share of women in the past. I say this to only show that I have experience with women.

            What I consider to be attractive in a women has less to do with her looks than it does to do with her mind and heart. I don’t care what size a women is or even if she is attractive or not.

            Here’s what I do like in a women (in no particular order) and I think a lot of guy would agree with me:

            1. Is she healthy. Does she try to eat right, exercise a little, etc. Were not talking perfection here. Just what to know if she care about herself. That last sentence is important as you will see at the end.

            2. Does she try to doll herself up a little for her man. I always try to look my best for my spouse or girlfriends, by gelling my hair, etc. This one shows a man that a girl is confident in what the Lord has given her. Again the last sentence is important.

            3. Who is she on the inside? Is she a christian, do we have the same goals in life (ie. kids, etc.). Can she be trusted? It’s a dog eat dog world out there and I want someone I can tell me deepest darkest fears, etc. and not have to worry about being hurt (ie. rejected, scolded, told I was wrong for feel a certain way).

            You see men are stupid when it comes to looks. Men don’t know if you are attractive or not. Or men are attractive to everything. Attraction is important, but only to a point. For example, for me if there were two women in front of me. One a Super Model the other Just Average. Which one would I choose? Or which one is better looking. Well for me at this point it would matter who they were on the inside as to who I would choose. Once I am attracted to you ( and I am not picky, like most men as long as a women does #1 & #2 a little bit) that’s it, I would never pick a different women just because she is more attractive.

            Women are like a good piece of art. At first something small might attract you to it, but the more you stare at it, it gets deeper, deeper into your heart. What I mean is outside beauty gets old and fades over time, but inside beauty gets more beautiful and deeper with age. Kind of like fine wine. The taste has more layers and more flavor to it.

            I could go on, but one thing that women need to know about looking good for a man is; Men don’t know what attractive is, so they need women to tell them what is attractive by having confidence (not cockiness, that’s so unattractive) in there looks and at accordingly. Even if you don’t have confidence in you looks, act like you do, this will get you a man (and a better man) quicker than any plastic surgery or boob job will ever get you.

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