Totally Free Dating Sites

Totally Free Dating Sites

Are you looking for totally free dating sites? If you are, there are not many totally free Christian dating sites out there.  There are a few, however, and we listed the best totally free dating sites we are familiar with:

Totally Free Dating Sites

  • Christianfreed

Most of the better quality “free” christian dating sites come with a free trial membership

While there are many thousands of members on these online dating sites, they do cost some money.
However, there are many great reasons to seek a soulmate online

Thank God, when it comes to our salvation, there is no cost involved for us as Jesus paid it all at the cross. Jesus gives a totally free invitation to all who will accept it.

Bible Verse of Day:

~It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely~Revelation 21:6

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    Hi I would just like to say that christian dating is not what it should be as I have clicked on to a christian. web site and it says its christian yet as soon as you click on it what happens it sends you right inti hard core porn were you didnt want to go in the first place yet now its on the computer that you looked at porn yet you didnt want poern you were miss lead into clicking on a christian web site were it sent you to porn YET there is a good christian web page against porn called ( ) it has info on it as in the ( TRICKS PORNOGRATHERS PLAY ) it shows that the pornograthgers buy up christian web sites and put there porn on them to get christian hooked on the christian web site thinking its christian when it has been taken over by the pornogethers tricks in stead.

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