Where Can I Meet Christian Singles?

Where Can I Meet Christian Singles?

Have you ever asked yourself this question: Where can I meet Christian singles?” Well, you’re not alone. Over 100,000 single Christians who visit our site wonder where they can meet attractive Christian singles as well. That’s why we wrote an article answering the question, “Where can I meet Christian singles?

Some Christian singles feel they have only two choices when it comes to finding the ideal soul mate: Either wait on God or take a more proactive stance. I don’t like this either/or proposition because I feel it’s not biblical. I happen to feel that true faith or waiting on God combines a submissive spirit with the taking of bold faith-filled risks. Think of Noah building the ark or Abraham offering up Issac. Wherever faith and action meet is truly where God wants us, especially on the quesion of “Where can I meet Christian singles?” What do you think?

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~Faith without works is dead~James 2:20

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