Why Christian Single Men Need a Proverbs 31 Wife

Why Christian Single Men Need a Proverbs 31 Wife

Most Christian single men I know frequently whine about their need for a nice Christian wife. Who can blame men who feel this way? After all, in Proverbs 31:10, our Bible Verse of the Day, Solomon wrote:

“A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.”

Christian single men, whether they are college teens or single parents, would benefit by checking out this chapter of Scripture. In fact, any man would be in hog heaven if God blessed him with a lady as the wisest guy in the world described her.

Why Christian Single Men Should Seek a Proverbs 31 Woman

He needs to have confidence in his girl of a lifetime (v. 11). This means he can share his heart (this is difficult for many men because of our fears) without worry about gossip or rejection. The male ego is a fragile little thing, ain’t it?

A man needs his woman to bring him good and not harm, in good times and bad. (v 12). Some women are able to “love their man” when the going is easy. But how about when the “hard knocks of life” (and believe me, there will be some) start rolling through?

A single¬† man would profit by having a woman who can happily and wisely take good care of the household (vs.11-19). By the way, it looks like Solomon would disagree with all those guys who think their wives need to be “barefoot and pregnant at home”.

Men can sometimes be insensitive to the needs of others’ pain. So a guy who has a woman who is compassionate and loving to the less fortunate can help him grow in this area. (v. 20)

Hey guys, You know this is definitely true: You need a wife who takes good care of that marriage bed (You know what Solomon means here, right?), as well as her own personal appearance (v.22). Outward beauty can be deceitful, but Christian single men or any man for that reason, respects a woman who respects herself by looking as good as she can be.

A strong and independent woman (v.25a). A man loves to feel needed by his woman because it fulfills his need to provide. But very few single Christian men are attracted to the high maintenance whiny types.

A woman who can laugh at whatever life brings (v.25b). Life is hard enough without a good sense of humor and positive outlook. This is especially helpful for men because circumstances (like losing a job, for example) can get the best of men a little down.

A woman who can give wise advice and timely counsel (v.26) verifies the statement: “Behind every great man is a great woman.”

Are you a single Christian man or woman with different take?

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    • kenny

      Hello.. I was reading on this site, and it’s very true all Christain men need good women, and I wish I could find a good Christain wife to love me. But you know how that is ..LOL.. any way feel free to e-mail me about any thing thanks be blessed…

      • thlama

        Why Christian single men need a wife: It is God’s will to have the best

        • maria krumwiede

          I’m a women seaking a nice christain man. is there any place I can meet them without the bar.

          • Vetau Roga

            I”ve been prayed for a Christian husband since 16. Am now 29, seeking a man who loves God n music n can sing..

            • Deborah

              Well it is all very well saying what you men need, what do you have on offer???? I am yet to meet an attractive christian man who takes care of himself in all ways. You want a woman to be good in bed, are you going to give her what she needs to make her want to give you what you need? It isn a right to demand, a Woman needs to be loved and cherished.
              I left my husband, 15 years ago, and have yet to meet anyone who fits my bill.
              Good hunting guys.

              • Lunch

                Sounds like u have a lifetime of loneliness ahead of you Deborah.

                my idea of good in bed means they put up with my obnocious snoring and occasional violent sleep movements.

                Its a shame so called Christian women buy into the whole modern feminist nonsense as its so unbiblical.

                • Crystal


                  I quite agree with you; men need this and men need that; I think that sadly most are insecure with themselves.

                  They want to be rulers instead of husbands; they demand submission and do not submit.

                  This they call the Christian way.

                  NOT what Jesus said.

                  So, for me, I’m waiting for the Lord to provide the one who is truly in Him and walks as He walked……

                  Being a servant…


                  • ea wg

                    well… i subscribe to a combination of dr. laura, dr phil and dr dobson philosophies…(Biblical takes precedence over all thoughts)
                    though i am not about to date…my husband just left me, so i have a lot to deal with, aside from the devastation of my dear man walking, or i should say, running out on me…& sent a text message to inform me of this….
                    but, point is..l. i told him i wanted to be a biblical wife to him, to be worth more then rubies & pearls… but… he lost his job in the spring, i had just lost my mom, we moved east, he hasnt had any job luck… i was depressed,,,,blah blah..& poof…he was gone…. so..all i can do ..is pray that he will allow God to work in his heart…. and i get outta this depression/sorrow.
                    But, dr. laura – she said the current generation of women have a large entitlement attitude…and we women expect men to fullfill a litany of things..w/o reciprocating…. and as a wife, we are supposed to care for our husbands. In my marriage.. i had stopped careing for him this summer. I was mad that he wouldnt look for work etc.
                    So.. it didnt take him too long to quit on my. On his side… he wouldnt communicate, or when he did..i wouldnt listen. I am praying that God will help me heal… & i am so terrified right now… I dont want to be alone, I want my husband back.,..and i dont want to be old and alone. So, this is my blab…You truly spiritual folks out there…. pray for me, and my GI husband. That we both allow the Lord to work in our lives.

                    • RDH

                      Aren’t these qualities (and the person possessing them) relative to the person who is judging them? I mean, if GUY B thinks Girl A doesn’t have all of the Proverbs 31 qualities, then isn’t it possible that GUY C thinks GIRL A has those qualities? Whereas the criteria is good, isn’t it still left up to the individual person whether or not the woman meets the Proverbs 31 criteria?

                      • David

                        Sounds to men that a lot of you men have some kind of shopping list for a woman.

                        When I buy a car, I look for features. When I buy a computer, I look for capability. When I hire someone for a task, I check their resume.

                        Haven’t yet figured out how to reduce finding a mate to any one of these criteria.

                        I would suggest you look for love. Someone who creates that sizzle in your gut. Someone who you can laugh and cry with. Someone who will accept you unconditionally, and you do the same.

                        I adore my partner. She is the absolute woman of my dreams. She is beautiful in every way and I go out of my way to love her every day in every way possible.

                        I wake up every day thinking about how what I can do to love her more today than I did yesterday…and the rewards are awesome.

                        Forget about your checklist and follow your heart. It will tell you all you need to know when you’ve found the right one.

                        Go with God

                        • Robert

                          Hi All,

                          The shopping list is a waste of time.

                          The major problem I have face over 18 years is the “Church”.

                          They can’t sort out immorality. living together etc. Infact don’t even call it sin anymore. They marry gays.

                          Save yourself for marriage ,as I have, and wait for the trouble.
                          Everytime you meet some one they have to “sort it out!”. Exactly what are they trying to fix?

                          “Focus on Christ” – what do they think you are doing?

                          “Maybe God doesn’t want you to get married?” Does God want people fornicating? living together? getting divorced for no reason and marrying some one else (please read Mattherwe 19)? and gays getting married?

                          My answer to the question above pastor is , READ 1 Timothy 4 1 -3. You are forbidding people to get married and following after lying spirits and the doctrines of deamons. Paul you say, ha ha He was a Pharasee. They were expected to be married well before 20. On ther road to Damacsus Saul was about 37. He was born in about 3 or 4 BC.

                          • dave ros

                            im 32 y/o male. while in sacramento, ca. ive always prayed for a good christian female but all i got was rejection from all of them because of my height. i now reside in puerto rico and its way worse, especially church females… theyre just as bad. why are there so many superficial people around?

                            • Tamara

                              I would like to ask for christian men and women’s thoughts on my response.

                              I desire to be a Proverbs 31 woman and try to pursue Godliness, but i am not perfect. I fear sometimes that the interpretation presented in the summary of “Why christian men need a Proverbs 31 woman” can lead men to expect perfection before they would even consider a single christian woman. (Although this perception might be clouded by some of my own distorted beliefs and wounded experiences). I believe that we all need to abide in Christ to become who He wants us o be, yet I am still a work in progress. I continue to hope and pray that God will join me with a Christian man, but are christian men looking for a ‘perfect’ godly woman?

                              I would like to see a post also on the scriptural mandates/roles to Christian Males. One I know of is to live in an understanding way with their wife. I do want to be the best I can be for the Lord, and for a future (prayerfully) husband, my hearts desire is to do him good. I just hope that men understand that sometimes women ‘get down’ also. Overall, though I agree with the summary of the Proverbs 31 woman, and realize that we all (male and female) are completely dependent on the Lord to enable us to love one another as He would have that person be loved.

                              • Christian Men

                                This post tells the about the single christian men. How they choose good life partner. Why christian men need a Proverbs 31 woman can lead men to expect perfection before they would even consider a single christian woman. Thanking for sharing this nice post.

                                • Lucy

                                  I have always use proverbs 31 woman as role model, today men thibk it is 7 to 11 women to each man they feel time waitin on them, a wife is good have, she not be in front or in back but besides you so many men misuse the scriputres as control a woman, im waitin ogn Go send Mr. right. good luck to you all.

                                  • Floorenciah leonards

                                    Hellows, am floorenciah,22…well would love to share the little story with you all…i have been in a certain relationship for almost five years i neva lost a bit of love towards the guy a had not for a sec,actual i was aready engaged in all the wife type responsibilities bt the man was fooled and carried away by his friends,hes full of pride and turnd to the greatest dictator,i forgave hm a millions times..and riched a point that he purpously sleep arond with other woman and does thngs i hate most just because he knows that i wil forgive hm,he was extrmly dramatic bt it reached a point i deceded to seriously comitt ma self to christ and broke up with him feb this year…am aready over him,and hapi nw to spik loud that i nid a serious loving and husbnd material to share the rest of his life with me….glory be to God…

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