Why You’re Still Single

Why You’re Still Single

Have you ever been asked by someone why you’re still single? During the holidays many singles were no doubt asked that worn out question by well meaning relatives and friends, “So why you’re still single?” Don’t you just hate that question? Many who desire marriage cringe at such a question but perhaps it a good one to ask of ourselves as we enter a brand new year. No need for sulking over why you’re still single here. Introspection can be a good thing if it leads to positive changes.

Reasons Why You’re Still Single

Recently, we surveyed a number of Christian singles on the question, Why you’re still single.” Here are some of the top reasons they gave for being single, which we lumped together into the following categories:

  1. Love Shyness
  2. Personal fears including fear of commitment
  3. Career/Money worries
  4. Single parent responsibilities
  5. Nowhere to meet other single Christians

There were a number of others, but I’ll leave that for another article.

Overall, if you feel why you’re still single has something to do with one of the above please be encouraged as we enter 2008. Why? Because there is no obstacle too great that He cannot overcome if truly commit our ways to Him. Does that sound too simple? That’s exactly what the enemy want you to think.

Bible Verse of Day

Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, and He will do it. Psalms 35:7

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