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Broken Hearted: How to Mend a Broken Heart

how to mend a broken heartHow to mend a broken heart for singles who are broken hearted? Almost everyone has had their own “broken heart confession” of a lost relationship. A broken heart is a broken heart, whether that relationship was in a dating context or a marriage. All I can say is it’s one of the most painful things I’ve ever suffered.
While mending a broken heart takes different amounts of time for each person, the following points on how to mend a broken heart will be helpful to all single Christians.

How to Mend a Broken Heart Guide

Talk About Your Broken Heart With Those Who Care

One of the best ways to begin mending a broken heart is to talk about it. Talking about our pain helps us accept the reality of the situation, and guides us along in the healing process and dealing with guilt, if any

As Christian singles, the first person we should go to is the Lord. A beautiful promise is found in Psalms 34:18: “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Tell your heavenly Dad where it hurts, and exactly how you feel. Don’t hold back anything because He is there for you, and can take whatever you throw at Him.

Beyond pouring out your broken heart to the Lord, getting involved in a Christian singles group, church fellowship, or support group will give you a safe place to share your painful experiences and receive love and support. Don’t feel that you can heal or mend your broken heart on your own. That’s just stupid pride, and will cause you to take longer to heal. We all need somebody from time to time.

Forgiveness Equals Healing

There is an amazing amount of healing power in being forgiven, or in granting forgiveness to someone who has wronged you. The power of forgiveness began at the cross of Christ, where He forgave us our sins. If you don’t understand what it means to be forgiven by God, please read how you can find peace with Him before continuing.

Forgiveness brings closure and cleansing, which speeds the healing of the broken hearted person. So if you wronged someone in a previous dating or marriage relationship, ask forgiveness. Whatever the other party does with that offer is not yours to worry about.

On the other hand, if someone has wronged you, don’t seek revenge (that’s the Lord’s to handle), but forgive from the heart. It doesn’t mean that you have now become a doormat for further abuse. Granting forgiveness to someone who has broken your heart does mean that you have decided to let go of the past and start a new beginning in your life.

Take Care of Your Body

Having a broken heart puts tremendous stress on your physical and emotional wellbeing. That’s why it’s important to eat right, drink plenty of fluids, exercise and find time for relaxation. Force yourself to do these things, even if you don’t feel like it, and it will help you overcome depression and feelings of low self-esteem. You’ll thank me later if you do.

Be Willing To Take Another Risk

Okay, your relationship didn’t work out, and you’ve been left with a broken heart. So take this time to evaluate where you can improve yourself for the future.

As a broken hearted single trying to mend, you are in a vulnerable state. That’s why you definitely want to avoid the dangers of a rebound relationship. This is especially true if you are a single parent dating with kids.

However, please don’t close yourself off to the possibility of romance. In the right time and place it’s a wonderful thing. In this regard, you may want to consider using an online Christian dating service because it’s a great way to ease back into dating on your terms, and at your own pace.

Are you a single woman or man with any additional advice on how to mend a broken heart?

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  1. Teama S.

    i have always been the one in the relationship that gets left hurt or cheated on. i feel it isnt a cime to love hard and to realy truly care bout someone. i pray god heal me and make me a stronger person. i am in a relationship with a person that so say loves and cares about me but it his way or no way. he is never willing to compromise and it hurts cuz im so deep into love with this person i dont know what to do. god made me who i am and to love someone with all my heart. i dont any other way. i pray that some day this person realizes that love like i give to him is hard to find and it is not healthy to treat me how he is. i been hurt so much and so many times i dont wanna start all over i cant handle another heart ache. god when is it my turn. if this guy realy loves me change his heart and his ways. work on him lord.

  2. marlene westrick

    my husband left me after 26 years for a younger woman 36 I pray against that jazabelle spirit and comand all soul ties to leave it takes a long time to heal a broken heart but oly god can do this i want my marriage healed and eva ack to mexico where she belongs amen

  3. Mahe

    i am a 16 year old girl who is well educated and in a gud family. but i chose a poor uneducated guy who is 22 years old to love. and now it has been 1 and a half years 4 our relationship. he had a ex gf and he has a tatoo of her name on his hand. i didnt argue much about it bcs i trusted him. i also had sex with him but did not loose my virginity. time to time i got to know dat their affair is still gng on but i didnt trust others. i only trusted my bf. but yesterday i got to know dat it is true dat the affair is still gng on. he has promised 4 lies. he has lied to me all my life, but still i love him. he also had sex with the other girl. but when i asked him he said dat he betrayed me but he says that he still loves me. so i decided to meet him 2maro and finish this off. what can i do?

  4. Wayne

    Well for me I just got out of a relationship where the girl I thought was my girlfriend actually had a boyfriend before she met me and to add the icing on the cake she was engaged to him…now this girl pushed for her and I to have a relationship and things were going along fine till we had a huge argument on V’tines day and I mentioned to her that I felt something was up that she wasn’t telling me, I was right, when she told me I was distraught….she allowed me to develop feelings for her & encouraged me to invest into this relationship over 4 months when she knew that it may not last, I mean I even told her I had gotten out of a relationship earlier in the year where I was hurt and I found it ridiculous that knowing that she still proceeded to set me up to be hurt, added also she claimed to be a victim of cheating in a previous relationship, so I am lost, if she knew all that why make a move at me? insist on meeting my family, being almost like a big sister to my brother amongst other things and then drop the bomb-shell…..”I am engaged to someone else”.

    Now her fiance visited my country(both he and her are from another country-he works overseas, she studies in my country) and I guess that also prompted her to tell me and now it seems they either are getting back together/ have gotten back together. I know I should be happy that they have been given a 2nd chance to mend their relationship but I felt I came out worse-off in the end seeing that I was dragged into this situation innocently and now I am left to deal with the mess she created for me….added to the fact that she has restricted/removed all communication with me, I am left feeling hurt/angry and disgusted….I said I forgive her and she apologized, but to be quite honest I still feel that I want her to pay for the pain she caused for me, I mean the damage is done and I felt that ‘sorry’ came a bit too late…I pray every day for strength and courage to soldier on through this pain and focus on my studies(at University) but sometimes it comes back like a stab in my heart….*sigh*

  5. Akwero Betty

    I have been abandoned by my husband whom we have a son of 1 year. Until yesterday that i was devastated by his disappearance. He works with judicial and requested to be transfered and i woke up only to find out that he had left. Broken hearted, confused and messed up. I felt like resigning and looking for him in the new locatio but i also fear he could be engaged and i may be embarrased only. Please help me.

  6. Fridah

    I have had several relationships with Men, but none seem to work out. Sometimes I feel that I rush and dont wait on God to give me the right person. I recently tried online dating and met a wonderful Man, with whom we have broken up with, Iam so heartbroken, I regret having started the relationship, but am praying that God will bring the right person.

  7. Stone

    Since 2009 not dating anyone, i feel like the is no one for me. i feel so lonely. Each time when man propose for love,they want to have sex, as for me i refuse & they will live me telling me that God will send his Angel to marry me be for sex. Please help me i’m so scared to have sex before the marriage. But how long must i wait for the right one Lord?

  8. LJ

    Please, someone, anyone, please God heal my broken heart. I am crying out to God for healing (crying)….I have been in a relationship for 6yrs with a person that has taken my life on a rollercoaster ride from hell. From the time I met them, there were lies told to me by them. I have been lied too so much in the 6yrs we have been together it is rediculous. I have been walked out on by them 6 times while we have been together. I have been cheated on while we have been together. I stayed with them for 6yrs through all the deception, betrayl, the lies, the manipualtion, the cheating. I stayed with this person through thick and thin. One day this month…i decided to stand up for my self and not accept another heartbreak when my mate decided to tell me they have accepted a job out of towm, and they would be gone 4 days and back for 3. I could not accept another lie, another heartbreak, cheating…so I told my mate to “get out”…. 2 days later they left. My heart is devestated because I STAYED for all the previous hurt they dealt my life for 6 yrs. I decided to stand up for myself and to no longer be a doormat, and they walkout on me again???????

    I stayed true to this person like no other, and they turn their back on me….AGAIN!??? PLEASE HELP ME GOD. My heart litteraly is shattered into a million pieces…… I want to die!

  9. Andre Vialva

    I know this may be a forum for people who have been in a relationship, but what about those who have been told these words ” Your a nice Guy but I don’t think it’s going to work” especially if you liked this person for a very very long time? What do I do now? she’s the only one person that really really like. God I need your help

  10. Debra Jean

    I’m hurting right now to. But as I read these hurts and pains of our hearts I am reminded how all too often we place OUR wants and desires ahead of our love and desire for God. Seemingly, many of us have forgotten what God has asked us to do. (Deuteronomy 6:4-5 and Leviticus 19:18).
    And you shall love the Lord your God:

    with all your heart,
    with all your soul,
    with all you mind,
    with all your strength, …
    and … love your neighbor as yourself.

    I will be honest with you. I was placing my relationship ahead of the Lord. I was placing my needs ahead of the Lord, I even can say I wasn’t very obedient as a child of God during my relationship. If we LOVE God as HE asks us to as well love others as HE asks us to, that means to do so as JESUS loves others. If someone is not respecting and loving you as Jesus would. You have to step out of a relationship and allow yourself to heal from the destructiveness and lack of love. God desires the best for each of our hearts. He wants you to see Him in your relationships. If you begin to see the deterioration of the relationship you have with God while in a relationship. You must rethink the motives for the relationship you have with the other person. Both pair of eyes must be set on HIM in order for a growing loving and respectful relationship to flourish. Otherwise, even just one little hint of sin can poison the start of something that could have been wonderful. That is how the enemy will enter Christians hearts and destroy Christian relationships. Sigh…friends… guard your hearts, repents of your sinful ways, give it to God and let Him know all that’s happening in your heart right now. Do not allow your feelings to get the best of you. Understand one thing. GOD has plans for you, “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'” – Jeremiah 29:11
    BELIEVE and APPLY God’s word to your hearts.
    The Healing will begin. IF YOU ALLOW IT.

  11. Rose

    My heart has not only been broken, it has been shattered, 35 years and i’ve never had my heart broken till now, could you imagine giving up everything for a man you could’nt imagine tomorrow without, wanting to move to another country over 3000 miles away, moving in faith to find/ realise he doesnt love you and probably never did, he’s not as commited as you were and the words spoken were just words, to save yourself for this man to feel unwanted and unattractive, all this whilst dealing with other major issues, as a christian couple to find condoms in his bag whilst looking for a pen (why would you have them if your abstaining from sex)……..still i want to have faith, i’m really trying …you don’t know how hard i’m trying to keep my faith, i know my God is awesome and he will get me through, in the meantime what do i do, i can only pray so much……..i don’t have a home to go back to ….and i’m in a country i cannot stay in ….i stepped out in faith and stepped in something i don’t recognise…….all i’ve been doing for 3 weeks straight is cry myself to sleep……..last night was my breaking point…..i just wanted to disappear from everything and everyone

  12. Jessi

    I am engaged to an alcoholic man I am not in love with. I had a brief fling with another man who was also engaged. She cheated on him many times and he was such a nice guy and he was so amazing in bed. He broke up with her for awhile, but then got back with her because he was afraid to leave behind the good memories and he wanted to try and love her like he use to. Plus he has been raising her kid as his and wanted to give it one last shot for the child. It has been very hard for me because it was love at first sight for me. I never believed in it until it happened. Obviously it wasn’t that way for him. I feel like a fool. I cry myself to sleep I miss him, I want to talk to him, but I can’t because she will find out and I don’t want to look like a crazy person.

    I will eventually leave my fiance, we don’t even sleep in the same room anymore, plus I know he has been cheating on me too. I’m just waiting for my pain to subside before I enter into another stressful situation, leaving him and breaking the news to our families, moving out. I want to move far far away where I’ll never see the guy I love again. I’ve never felt like this about any of my ex’s. WTF is wrong with me? I knew him for all of 2 months and most of that was just spent talking on the phone. I feel so stupid, and pathetic… but the pain won’t go away.

  13. W

    Well, towards the end of my recent sophmore year, I tried to start dating a girl who claimed she was a Christian, and initially she gave my positive signs, then once I got home from college 2-3 weeks later she abruptly said she had a boyfriend (out of the blue) and then unfriended me on facebook without so much as a goodbye. I had indicated that I would be willing to travel to her hometown to get to know her better during this summer, so I was surprised to say the least. Maybe I was someone’s idea of an amusing prank.

    It felt like someone blasted me with a 12-gauge, since this was just the latest of a string of rejections I faced this past year. It was like a nasty cherry on top to end the school year. I’ve moved on, but I’m not sure how I’ll react if I see her again. She may or may not have been a single mother (based on the limited amount of time I looked at some of her facebook photos), so it could be that she is still attached to her ex/father of the children. At least she was honest at the end about her true feelings; I’ve been stabbed in the back so many times I don’t hardly give a s*** anymore.

  14. Matty

    Me and my girlfriend was really happy together, we went out if we had the money and stayed in and enjoyed each others company if money was tight. We have both been in really bad relationships in the past whichc made it hard for both of us to open up to each other and trust each other as a couple fearing things will happen all over again from what we have experienced in the past. We was goin so well we went on holiday together, planned to live together, get married and have children. I loved her so much I couldn’t go a day without telling her how much I love her. Then for a week she had started becoming distant with me. She never replied to my text messages or even told me she loved me when I text her. She was showing the tell tale signs of cheating that I have experienced with previous girlfreinds but when I asked she said there was no one else. Then out the blue she ends it and couldn’t even give me an reason why. I am devastated and heartbroken. I feel like no matter who I meet it always ends the same way and feel like there is either something wrong with me or women just enjoy playing with people’s emotions. I feel completely lost and don’t know what to do anymore. I would give anything to have her back but deep down I know it will never happen and I don’t want to go through another year of being single and closed off from people again.

  15. Jonathan

    Ever since I was young i have always been a shy passionate guy. I have always wanted somebody to love but was always to shy to ask any of the girls i liked out. I didn’t have my first girlfriend until my senior year of prom but since my sophomore year of prom I prayed God would send me an amazing blessed woman to appreciate . That Prom date turned out to be everything I ever had wanted. we talked on the phone every night, she went to her grandparents in Lousianna for 4 months and we still stuck together . everything was beautiful those first two years. in December 2010 she called the police on her brother because they got in an argument and he was acting crazy, little did she know her brother had been accused of armed robbery and might have to serve life in prison. That affected her deeply her heart was hardened as hard as possible.

    2 weeks after I gave her a promise ring and 2 days after our 3 years anniversary she tells me she is growing attracted to a good male friend of hers I had met on several occasions. i was crushed and decided to break it off and try to be her friend. To put it bluntly she temporarily lost her mind and she wasn’t herself at all. a woman who previously was everything I ever wanted told me time and time again I wasn’t the one for her, that she had to see this possibility of a relationship though for ” us” , and basically hid me away from everyone in her personal life or referred to me as just a friend. after 6 months of trying so hard to convey to her that something was wrong with her I finally gave up on her about 2 weeks ago.

    right now my heart is in an interesting place I love her and She loves me and me breaking up with her helped soften her heart because in many ways she is my everything and I am hers. She broke it off with he friend and is only now coming out of her insanity, she realizes how much she has hurt me and i pray everyday that I can forgive her but I would be lying if i feel like i could ever trust her the same.

    I love her and I still believe she is the woman I want to marry but wow I don’t know if this is simply a matter of time having to heal all wounds or if maybe for now we should just take a breather from each other. it hurts to say the least I want so badly to say ” she wasn’t in her right mind you can trust her now…..but it feels like it’s impossible to overlook what she said to me, what she did to me. hearing her voice light up when this friend called on a phone. hearing everyone tell her how cute a couple they make… hurts so much and even though we are through it now and she wants me…..I’m never going to forget all of that. one day she was mine and then the next day she wasn’t .in one fell swoop the only person i ever let into my heart hurt me more than anyone ever could……please pray for me that i regain my trust in her and if God wills it our relationship only grows stronger..

  16. AV

    I’ve been married for a year and my husband filed for divorce – because of he has got this idea (from his family) that I’m after his money even though I haven’t asked him for anything during our marriage. We have two small children together. I’ve been going through a really hard time because my marriage and our lifes have been destroyed because of a lie. I really need God in my life and I’ve been praying etc and it just feels that I’m praying against the ceiling. How do you hear Gods voice??? Please if anyone has got advice or scripture to help me to pick up the pieces of my life and be strong again for myself and my children and to help me to move on – on the path that God has set out for us please help!!!! I just need to hear Gods voice, I need to know that He is there, I really need His peace and love in our life… Please help!!!!!

  17. Rosella

    Debra Jean, Thank you for your post. It has been most inspirational to me. My fiance broke up with me after two years of being together and we had our wedding set for Mar 17 next year. We were both in the church (he was a deacon). We didn’t do things pleasing to God and as stated we cannot put our wants and desires ahead of God. We have to put God first in everything including our relationship! This is a lesson I have learned and a valuable one. I am hurting now because of the breakup but I know that God is in control of this and He knows whats best for me. Thank God I found this forum because it has been helpful to me to know that I am not the only one out there hurting. We can and will make it through this but only with God’s help! May God bless you all and WE WILL SEE THE SUNSHINE AGAIN!!!!

  18. In regard to healing a broken heart. To those who have been hurt because there are relationship that came along in your life and in just a moment that relationship is over. Im also a single believer and a committed follower of Jesus. As ive learned from my walk with God, ive been also hurt but it never control me rather Ive learned to trust God. Especially if the person you like doesn’t like or your bf or gf leave. All I can is that God has a plan for you.

    If you want to ask more of ideas and advice just email me

  19. Michael

    I dated the best friend I’ve ever had for close to three years.A year ago She asked us to end the relationship but promised nothing will change.She sid She just didn’t love me anymore and didn’t want the relationship to drag into marriage.
    She tried to lessen the impact of her action but after a year I still cry, miss her and han’t been able to forget about her.
    She on the otherhand started dating a banker a week after we broke up.
    Can any help me on how to forget about her?I want to stop calling her, picking her calls and even deleting her from my facebook friends (want to cut all relations with her), is it a good thing to do?
    Kindly assist

  20. Adriann

    In regard to a broken heart, I was in a relationship for almost 7 years. We had two children together but never ended up getting married. He is.from Mexico and ended up getting deported 3 years ago in December. After his deportation I started drinking A LOT I neglected my children and needed a guy in my life I even got two duii’s. I knew the Lord, but I didn’t love Him. I was living life for me. Well about a year after He got deported this guy requested my friendship on myspace. I accepted and we talked almost everyday for 5 months until he came to Oregon to meet me. The day we met we never spent a day apart for almost a year and a half. I ended up having to spend some time in jail during our relationship due to the past years duii’s. He stayed with my children and while I was in jail I surrendered my life over to God. About 6 days after I got out of jail I was baptized. About 5 months later he was baptized. My relationship with God was getting very close I stopped being intimate with him and I told him that he needed to get his own place because it was not right that we lived together. He wasn’t taking it serious and we ended up commuting adultery once more after he finally got the point that I was serious with my relationship with God. I broke up with him and he finally got his own place and not a week later I found out I was pregnant. Not a week after that I found out he was with someone else intimately. I was crushed. We talked about making things right and getting married. It has been almost 7 months and the Lord has told me that he is just not the guy for me. It’s so hard because I love him so much, but I want to do the will of my Father. I’m so scared that I’m going to be alone because Satan puts lies into my mind that nobody is going to want a woman with three children, but I know that God will have someone for me who loves children and loves God just as much as I do. Being heartbroken while being pregnant is extremely hard, but God is my strength and He is giving me so much peace. His word is living and is wonderful medicine that works well with A LOT of prayer. I pray for the father of this child everyday that he will one day love the Lord with all his heart. I have forgiven him for all he has put me through and that alone has been a huge part in my healing. Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

  21. Leah

    Hi I want to thank Eharmony for booting off my husband when I reported he was married and still living with his wife his name is David Andrew Olding from Sask, Ont, PEI .
    It is disappointing your sights don’t work together to keep married cheats off your Christian sights. They are pathological liars and considered by most Rats on the sights. I consider men looking to boost fragile egos at someones expense,” SAD” or should I say if they are going to hurt someone else as well as their wife they considerably selfish.

  22. Kevin

    Separated from the love of my life now for 4 months. Beyond broken. Anxiety and depression is a daily battle for me. I’ve been saved since 1996. We’ve been married since 1999. We had a lot of challenges many don’t face in their marriages…at least not all clumped together. Infertility for 8 years never resulting in a child. That was our biggest dream together. Wife has chronic disability and can’t work. Lost brother in plane accident. Lost Dad to early adult alzhemiers at 61. Job losses. Bankruptcy. Lost home. Affair lasting less than 5 minutes 2004, from me. Repented. Forgiven by God. Didn’t tell wife until I found out she was having an affair going on over 5 weeks in 2010. We both got busy on repairing out marriage and giving it to God for His glory. It was going better until this July when out of the blue she wanted me out of the house. She said she needed to be alone. There was no new betrayals. Completely caught me off guard. Our betrayals prior came from all the stresses in life we failed to bring before the cross the right way. I forgave my wife. We still have a huge love for each other. But I found out 2 weeks ago she has a new man in her life. Which brought me to a new low. She doesn’t know what to do. She doesn’t want to give her new interest up but also told me she doesn’t think of me as her husband anymore and isn’t divorcing me…yet. I believe in the power of the cross to redeem any marriage. I do not believe scripture support divorce even in adultry, UNLESS the person is not repentent. If the person repents, believers are supposed to allow the spouse back into the marriage. Its a reflection of faith in how God can redeem any relationship. I want my marriage. I have gone above and beyond what most spouses would do in attempting to redeem anothers heart. But my wife just continues to drift away. I am at a complete loss. My wife was everything to me. Everything. To say there is a gaping hole in my heart…my life is an understatement. As the separation continues the pain increases even as I bring it before the cross. Even as I do more self care. Wife has me in limbo. Feel free to share advice. Love to my brothers and sisters in christ.

  23. Trave

    I am a strong believer in Christ He has taken me through a lot of situations that have made me stronger. I am now at a point in my life where I feel so fragile. I was in a relationship for four years me and my ex- were off and on during that time I got pregnant with our first child in 2010 and lost my son. I was devastated, later that year I got in a serious car accident , the Lord delivered me, Thinking that after the death of our son me and my ex would have grown closer, yes we did but he still wasn’t trying to change for the better the middle part of this year I asked the Lord to reveal what is my purpose and what I should do with this relationship, I was so unhappy. Years prior to this situation he my ex told me that God told him that I was the one for him. I didn’t think nothing of it just continued dealing in the relationship. July of this year I told him that he was not making me happy anymore It hurt so bad because now I was giving up on the man that I thought was made for me. A month later I found out that he moved in with his new girlfriend which really broke my heart. He was still texting me telling me he loved me and that he still wanted to be with me but I “dumped” him. How could he do this that fast? Months went on he would come and see me up until I feel back in and we started having sex again I committed to God that I would stay celibate. I FAILED felt bad knowing he had a girlfriend. Recently I found out he has gotten this new girlfriend pregnant And Lord knows my heart is shattered. I ask the Lord what have I done, to deliver me from this pain. It hurts so bad just a year ago I was pregnant with our son now I’m lost, he is now living with her and her son and I’m alone What am I to do ?

  24. Jacky

    I have lived with my partner for 9 years in which we’ve had 4 kids. The problem started when I was without a job and had to stay home to look after our first born daughter just after 3 years when we got together. When I was at home, my wife went for work and got herself flirting with a co-worker and never had the courage to tell me. I used to confront her about her lateness from work only to tell me that she was busy and had alot of things to complete. she kept silent about it. two years late she got pregnant and I only found out that the baby was not mine when the baby was born. when my wife was pregnant I found out about the relationships and confronted her. she admitted it. I forgived her at that time because we had kids in which she promised to stop and even to talk to that person. lately she has been going out late into the night and I was told that she was seen with her-ex again and he would call her and talk to her. we now have a nother baby son and because I have confronted her and with her still determined not tell me anything, she has moved out of our home and is living with her relatives. I take care of our first born daughter. She can’t about anything and keeps silent if I tell her that we need to talk and will keep silent and only listens to me even it takes an hour of me talking to her and begging her to speak her mind and admit the truth.

    I am willing to move on with my life but I am worried that because we have kids that our separation will greatly impact their future and that someone coming intop her life will not take good care my children. that other partner of her is a great womaniser and had divorced 3 wives and is leaving with another wife now.

    Can anyone help me out during this difficult times?

  25. Joshua

    I love her so much…she and I have been off and on for 5 years. I always felt in my heat that she was the one. She lost her mom last year and has been going through a difficult time. So I told her that she could move down to my city and we could get a place together. So we did and then we started fighting all the time and it ended with me moving out and us broken up again. Now she is planning to move back to her city and she tells me shes done with me for good. I feel so brokenhearted, I had so many dreams of us getting married, having a family etc. I feel like all my dreams and hopes have been shattered. I want the best for her but it hurts so much to know that shes going to share the rest of her life with someone else. I feel so hopeless…

  26. katie

    ok well i’m only 14 ok well my boyfriend is dating my bff now after we broke up for no reason he just said me and him needed to end the relationship since he loved someone else but it’s so hard for me bc i see him with my friend and i love him so much i know i’m just a kid but this is more then just kid love i mean i really really love him and still haven’t got over him for a long time and i just feel like crying when i see them together i’ve tried so hard to get him back even though i know if i truely loved him i would want him to be happy but i just want him back so is a quot i found “YOU KNOW YOUR IN LOVE IF HE MAKES YOU CRY AND YOU STILL WANT HIM, YOU KNOW YOUR IN LOVE IF HE IGNORES YOU BUT YOU STILL LOVE HIM, IF HE MOVES ON AND YOU TELL HIM YOUR HAPPY FOR HIM EVEN IF YOU JUST WANT TO CRY”

  27. Michael Cordima

    There is waaaay too much sexual immorality on this blog. Women, take it from me, if a man has cheated he will do it again and again until he is broken completely by God and I don’t mean he will come to you crying, I mean he will go to God crying because you are long gone from his life. DON’T BELIEVE HIM! HE IS A SLAVE TO HIS SIN AND WILL ALWAYS BE UNTIL YOU ARE GONE AND HE HAS NO ONE ELSE TO TURN TO BUT GOD OR ANOTHER WOMAN TO SATISFY HIS LUSTS. I too have needs but I also have self control. I am single, but I am beginning to believe that women even in the church (this blog is not helping) only want men who lie and cheat because they say the right things and make women feel good. I can do those things too, but women don’t give me the chance because I generally don’t come on to them or flirt in a sexual way with them. Please for the literal love of Christ make better decisions and be a better example for this world. Choose men who are serious about Christ more than about you EVEN IF YOU DON’T GET ALL OF THE ATTENTION. At least they won’t cheat.

  28. Ekong

    Women like to be deceivd by men who are chronic liars

  29. Donald Simon

    I now have my dream house and my right job which i asked you to help me with, your powerful job Spell has changed my life and that’s why all my friends cant stop asking me how i managed to get to a better life. Dr Ijebu i thank you so much,i will always praise your gods name Donald Simon

  30. Grace

    Michael Cordima:

    Your comment was from a year ago so I don’t know if this is too late of a response to post.

    I would agree with you that there are too much sexual immorality in our church. But the basic needs of a woman that requires the attention and the emotional connection is just like a male’s need for sex. It’s built in and it prevents us from looking. If a man is married to his wife but she denies him sex, that is unfair because his needs are unfulfilled and when temptation comes it just makes him all the more weaker. In the same way, a girl is built-in to have that emotional connection. It’s not that we just want lying men. We need that attention, it is a built in need and no matter how hard we try, we subconsciously need it. Just like males with sex, its a built in need. Of course, it needs to be controlled and it needs to be exercised within boundaries so that it’s operating healthily – both the emotional needs for women and sexual needs for men (of course both gender has both needs but I am speaking of the major needs of their being.

  31. Fonda

    I feel the pain with you all, I married my best friend we were great together we went fishin played with the grandbabies, and they were his stepgrandbabies this was my second marriage, I dated him for 4 years before we got married. Then he went on blood pressure pills, it completely ended our sex life, i kept reasuring him it didn’t change how I felt about him, he got severely depressed he even quit showering, I begged him to get help but he would not, at the same time I was dealing with my 18 year old daughter who had gotten into alcohol and drugs…one morning I came home from a 12 hour shift and my daughter was crying she told me tht her and my husband had ended up in MY bed together they were both drunk and high, thank God he couldn’t perform…but I had a nervous breakdown, it’s been 5 years and I still have nightmares. I did start dating another man for the past two years, and I loved him it took him a year to get me to go out with him, we worked together every day, then about 9 months ago he got on blood pressure and diabetes meds and it was deja vu, he looked at porn and took care of his needs in private because he was ashamed he couldn’t perform, I reverted back into the depression mode, last month he told me he was addicted to the porn and he wanted out of our relationship, he had a woman who did the web cam thing and he was happy with that and he didn’t want to see me anymore…so here I am alone again, it makes me feel old and ugly I know I shouldn’t care about my looks or my age but I can’t help it and I am so lonely and I DO NOT sleep around so I am heartbroken and alone….I am going back to college to finish my nursing degree, I know that the elderly need someone to care about them and I need love as well maybe thats the point…to focus on others who are worse off than we are and help them out, !

  32. Nitah

    I engaged my self in a relationship when I was 19 years with a man I thought he love for 2years and some months.On one faithful evening he sent a text to tell me that we are done.I was really wounded heartbroken and a two weeks he started going out with my best friend.its been a year now I feel as if it was yesterday always in pain whenever I see them together.What should I do to let go coz its hurting I need your help to is

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