Abusive Relationships

Abusive Relationships

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Abusive Relationships-Are You Dating an Abuser?

In this #MeToo era, Abusive relationships are not uncommon among dating single Christians. Some singles have been in an abusive relationship, and know the pain that goes with it. Sadly, other single Christians reading this article right now are presently in an abusive relationship, but may not know it or be in denial over it. While in the rest of this article we will designate the victim as a “she”, over 10% of abusive relationships consist of women against men.…
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Codependency Relationships and Christian Singles

Are you in a codependent  dating relationship? Whether you are a Christian single or not,  codependent relationships can happen to anyone. What qualifies for a codependent relationship?  If you are in a codependent relationship you will feel like  that famous 60’s song line: ” Can’t live, if living is without you…” In addition to those feelings, another sign of a codependent relationship in dating is that the one or both daters will be seeking constant approval from the other, and…