Christian Dating Advice

Christian Dating Advice

christian dating adviceOnline Christian dating advice and singles dating tips are all over the internet, some of it good, some bad. Here you will find single Christian dating advice and tips on a wide range of topics: Some of these subjects include: How to Break Up the Right Way Signs of a Good Christian Dating Relationship, How to Know You are Dating an AbuserLong Distance Relationship Tips for Christian Singles, and many more.  Check out the full list of advice articles below. We consider Oasis Singles a holistic ministry for Christian singles, and not just one of those “run of the mill” matchmaking advice sites that have tons of affiliate links just to make money. That is why you will find all kinds of singles advice and Christian dating tips here, geared toward your specific needs.

Christian Dating Tip Warning

Reader beware! There are a ton of so-called Christian advice sites out there that are Christian in name only. Just like some of the singles you may meet. We pledge to you right here and now, that all our dating advice is biblical, straightforward, and practical.

Interactive Christian Dating Advice

The cool thing about Oasis Singles is that it is an interactive site. This means several things, First of all, you can comment on all the articles and leave your opinion. Second, if you feel you have some original Christian dating advice you would like to dish out to our 10s of thousands of weekly visitors, feel free to contact us and we may put it online, and include a nifty byline so other Christian singles looking for dating tips and can reach out to you.

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rebound relationships dating advice

Rebound Relationship Dating Advice

There are tons of articles out there about rebound relationship dating advice. But what exactly is a rebound relationship? Rebound relationship dating is an intense dating relationship that begins very soon after a long-term relationship goes south. As one experienced single person described it: “A rebound relationship is kinda like jumping from one moving train to another. There’s no time for thinking about what you are about to do. Rebound dating is both exciting and dangerous at the same time.”…
How to Deal with a Christian Dating Breakup

How to Deal With a Christian Single Relationship Break Up

Wondering how to deal with a Christian single Break Up? Dealing with a relationship breakup can be an incredibly challenging experience, especially for Christian singles who often view relationships through the lens of faith and long-term commitment. In this article, we’ll explore practical and faith-based strategies for navigating the emotional landscape of a post-breakup period. How to Deal with a Christian Relationship Breakup In Christian dating, there’s often a strong emphasis on seeking a lifelong partner and maintaining purity and…
How to Break Up a Dating Relationship

How to Break Up a Christian Dating Relationship

Need advice on how to break up a Christian dating relationship? A famous 50s break-up song gives us this little bit of dating advice on how to break up: “Breaking up is hard to do.” No, ya think? Whether you are a Christian single couple in a courtship or an online dating relationship, how you break up a relationship will be emotionally painful for both of you. If you are contemplating a break up of your dating relationship, considering the…
Too Busy to Date

10 Signs You’re Too Busy to Date as a Single Christian

One of my friends recently told me she is too busy to date. How about you?  In the bustling pace of modern life, finding time for relationships can be challenging, especially for single Christians who aim to balance their spiritual, personal, and professional lives. Recognizing your concerns, and when you’re too busy to date is crucial for your well-being and spiritual growth. Here are ten signs that it might be time to re-evaluate your schedule and priorities before seeking a…
Pathological Liar-Dating a Pathological Liar?

Pathological Liars: Are You Dating a Liar?

Are you dating a pathological liar? Pathological liars are so good at lying that I pity the poor soul who is dating one, whether through an online Christian service like eHarmony, or some other way. What makes a pathological liar so different from every other big fat liar in a dating relationship? Psychologists feel the answer is found in a paradox: Pathological liars may actually believe the twisted stories they tell their dates, but at the same time know that…
good christian dating relationship signs

Good Christian Dating Relationship Signs

What are some signs of a good Christian dating relationship? What are signs of a healthy relationship when dating? What qualities would you look for in the “right one” for you as a Christian single? Generally, the following list of signs should be present in your Christian dating partner if you are considering a lifelong commitment in marriage. signs you are in the right Dating Relationship Your dating interest (we assume he or she is a Christian) is growing more…
body flirting language for girls

Body Language Flirting: How to Know When a Guy Likes a Girl

How do you know when a guy is flirting with you? What’s his body language when flirting? Understanding body language flirting is essential for Christian singles. What exactly is alpha male body language flirting? It’s basically a collection of all the nonverbal clues a guy (whether he be a Christian or not) gives out when he’s interested in a woman. Just to be clear, not all body language flirting is a conscious decision on the part of the single guy,…
first date do's and dont's

First Date Do’s and Don’t’s

Need a brush up on First date do’s and don’t’s? Going on your first date with someone you met though one of the online dating services like eHarmony can be fun and exciting, but also a little scary. Let’s face it, the primary purpose of a first date is to assess whether there is enough chemistry to spend even more time together. There are a number of first-date “do’s and don’t’s” questions to consider: What will we do on our…
older men dating younger women

Older Men Dating Younger Women: A Christian Single’s Perspective

Older men dating younger women have a lot of stigmas associated with it. If you’re an older Christian man dating a younger woman, people may look at you as a “cradle robber” or “dirty old man”.  A younger Christian single girl dating an older guy may be thought of as “a gold digger.  Are you a single  Christian man or woman thinking about dating someone older or younger than yourself? Many Christian singles are confused over the issue of dating…
First Date Questions to Ask a Christian Single Guy

First Date Questions to Ask a Christian Single Guy

Looking for first date questions to ask a Christian single guy? Engaging in meaningful conversation on a first date can pave the way for a deeper connection, especially when both individuals share a Christian faith. Understanding the core values, beliefs, and aspirations of a Christian single guy can help determine if your paths align for a potential relationship. Here’s an SEO-optimized guide on first-date questions to ask a Christian single guy, designed to foster meaningful and insightful dialogue. 1. Faith…
Singles Ministry Near Me

Christian Singles Ministry Near Me

Are you looking for a singles ministry nearby? As a Christian single, the journey to meet others who share your faith and values can be both exciting and daunting. Singles ministry offers a unique avenue for connecting with like-minded individuals who are navigating the same path of singleness and faith. In this article, I will delve into the essence of singles ministry, exploring its benefits, and how to find a singles ministry near you. Understanding Singles Ministry Singles ministry is…
Christian Singles Over 50

Christian Singles Over 50: Dating Advice

Christian singles over 50 have a daunting journey, yet it is rich with potential for growth, companionship, and spiritual fulfillment. Here are ten insightful dating tips, each illuminated by scripture, to guide Baby Boomer and mature Christian singles on this adventurous path. 1. Embrace Your Worth (Psalm 139:14) Remember, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Acknowledge your worth and the experiences you’ve gained over time. Dating at this stage is about finding someone who appreciates the depth of your life’s…
Christian Dating Sites for Older People

A Guide to Christian Dating Sites for Older People

Dating sites for Christian singles over 50 have really burgeoned love in the past few years. Christian dating sites for older people have emerged as vital platforms, offering a beacon of hope and a pathway to love, tailored to those who hold their religious beliefs close to their hearts. This guide delves into the best Christian dating sites for older individuals, highlighting their unique features, benefits, and how they cater to the needs of mature singles seeking spiritual and romantic…
Thin Line Between Love and Hate

Thin Line Between Love and Hate: A Christian Dating Perspective

Have you ever heard of the saying, “There’s a thin line between love and hate?” Have you ever been in a love-hate dating relationship? In the realm of Christian dating, navigating the intricate dynamics between love and hate can be a delicate endeavor. This dichotomy, often as slender and fragile as a thread, warrants a profound understanding and discernment, especially when it comes to building relationships that honor both personal values and spiritual beliefs. Below, we delve into the nuanced…
Giving up on love

Christian Singles Advice When You Feel Like Giving Up on Love

As a Christian single, do you ever feel like giving up on love? In the labyrinth of life, where paths often twist and turn in unexpected ways, the journey of love can sometimes lead us through particularly challenging terrain. It’s in these moments of despair and disillusionment that our faith is both tested and can serve as our greatest anchor. For those who find themselves on the brink of giving up on love, Christian teachings offer a beacon of hope,…
Why Can't I Get Over My Ex?

Why Can’t I Get Over My Ex? 10 Reasons From a Christian Single Point of View

Ever ask yourself the question: Why can’t I get over my ex? Navigating the aftermath of a relationship can be a profoundly challenging journey, especially for Christian singles who seek to align their personal experiences with their faith. The path to healing and moving forward is often hindered by a tapestry of emotional, spiritual, and practical factors. Here, we explore 10 reasons why turning the page after a breakup can feel like an insurmountable task, offering a blend of empathy,…