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christian podcastChristian singles podcasts are all the rage in 2023, and we have many podcasts from which to choose. Here you will find podcasts on a wide variety of topics. Some of our  podcasts will include audio and video so make sure to check out the links below. As with all of our content on this site, it is in an interactive format. Feel free to comment on our podcasts, and leave your much need opinion.

Christian Singles Podcasts

We have dating podcasts for single Christians, as well as sermon podcasts on important life topics that originate from our ministry and other awesome churches around the world. While our podcasts are geared toward single Christians, everyone from single to married to divorced, from Gen Z 20 somethings to Baby Boomers will enjoy them.

Finally, we want you to know that while we will NEVER shy away from controversial subjects, we pledge to make sure that all of our  podcasts are scripturally sound and useful to the listener. Enjoy


4 Things Christian Singles Need to Remember About the 2024 Presidential Election

Ah, election season. It’s a time of high stakes, passionate debates, and the occasional urge to yell at your TV screen.  But here are 4 Things Christian Singles Need to Remember About the 2024 Presidential Election.  And no, it’s not just about picking the right candidate, but also about maintaining your faith and possibly even meeting that special someone along the way. Let’s dive in with warmth, a sprinkle of humor, and a whole lot of heart. 1. The Real…
Why Keep Praying When There is No Answer

Why Keep Praying When There is No Answer? A Christian Single’s Perspective

Do you ever ask yourself: “Why keep praying when there is no answer?” Learning how to deal with unanswered  prayer as a single  Christian can be daunting. The journey of prayer can often feel like a pathway strewn with questions and uncertainties. The plea for a life partner is a heartfelt one, shared by many, yet sometimes it seems met with silence. So, why continue to pray when the heavens seem quiet? Here’s an exploration grounded in Scripture, faith, and…
fighting temptation

Fighting Temptation as a Christian Single

A significant part of the Christian single life consists of fighting temptation. When we think of fighting temptation as a single Christian, many of us think of battling sexual impurity. But fighting temptation as single Christians is not just about sexual matters like masturbation Being single and Christian in the modern world is an exhilarating journey, characterized by unique challenges, personal growth, and rewarding experiences. At the center of this journey lies a common thread for many Christian singles: the…
dealing with past relationships

How to Let Go of Past Relationship Trauma

How one is able to let go of past relationship trauma is a great predictor of future success in other relationships. Many Christian singles I know are in bondage to past hurts on account of  cheating, disappointments, secret sins and  relationship breakups..  Under the weight The emotional  relationship baggage of the past, How To Deal With Past  Toxic Relationships When we go through a painful breakup or toxic Christian dating relationship, it can leave deep emotional scars and anger. Dwelling…
How to Stop Masturbating

How to Stop Masturbating: A Christian Singles Perspective

Wondering how to stop masturbating? In a world where the conversation around sexual purity and personal habits is often challenging to navigate, single Christians seeking to honor their faith while grappling with the natural tendencies of human sexuality can find themselves at a crossroads. Masturbation, a subject shrouded in taboo and often guilt, becomes a pivotal point of internal conflict. This article aims to shed light on how single Christians can approach the topic of masturbation with grace, understanding, and…
signs of physical attraction

What Makes Christian Women or Men Attractive Physically?

What makes Christian women and men attractive physically? Do you know the signs of physical attraction? Experts tell us that there are certain signs of physical attraction that give away when a girl likes a guy, or  when a dude is attracted to girl. In fact, if you were to go and Google “signs of physical attraction”, you would find a whole boatload of relationship advice on how to tell when there is a spark. In today’s fast-paced and image-driven…
Dating Vs Relationship in Christian Dating

Dating vs Relationship from a Christian Singles Perspective

Dating vs Relationship. As a Christian single do you know the difference between the two?  As Single Christians, navigating the world of dating and relationships can be a journey filled with both excitement and introspection. Understanding the differences between dating and being in a relationship, particularly from a Christian perspective, can help individuals make informed, faith-aligned decisions in their romantic lives. This Christian single blog post and podcast explores these differences and sheds light on when dating evolves into a…
Choosing the Right Kind of Person

Choosing the Right Kind of Person for a Relationship

Choosing the right kind of person for a relationship is kind of like choosing that perfect piece of fruit at the farm. I recently went apple picking, and I saw some friends going for the low-hanging fruit. Now that low-hanging fruit might look good, but you have to be careful. You’re going to have to pay for that fruit, right? And you don’t want to take it home, only to find it’s rotten inside with worms. This is exactly how…
Bible on Love and Relationships

Bible on Love & Relationships: Back to the User Guide

Hey folks! Today we are going to talk about the Bible on love and relationships. In the podcast below, we are going to chat about relationships and what the Bible has to say about them. You know, we often base our views on love and relationships on what we see around us – Hollywood, social media, and even Barbie and Ken! But did you know the Bible has some timeless advice on this topic? Let’s dig in and see how…

How to Make a Christian Dating Relationship Last

Hey there! Who needs help with their relationships? If you don’t need help now, you might need it later on. Let’s talk about how to make a Christian dating relationship last. Relationships come in all shapes and sizes – some are married, some are single, and some are single and looking. No matter where you fall, these tips on making a relationship last are for you! Tips on making  a Christian dating relationship last Understand God’s Design for Relationships First…
ove sex bible

What Does the Bible Say About Sex | Christian Dating Podcast

So what does the Bible say about sex? This is a topic nearly all Christian singles find most interesting. .In the landscape of human emotions and relationships, sexuality is an enduring topic that evokes strong sentiments and questions. For Christian singles, comprehending what the Bible says about sex is essential to ensure a life aligned with spiritual principles. Amidst the cacophony of modern opinions, biblical wisdom offers clarity and direction. What does the bible say about sex before marriage? 1.…
finding the one

Finding the One: A Christian Single’s Guide to Meeting the One God Has For You

Finding the “one”, that special soul mate you wish to spend life with can be a tedious experience. This is especially if you’ve been through a couple of bad Christian dating relationships that have left you heart broken, burnt out or rejected. Finding true love is a pursuit that has occupied human hearts for generations. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it may often seem like an overwhelming task. For Christian singles, this search is imbued with even…
christian single parents

Christian Single Parents | Single Christian Parents

Christian single parents carry significant responsibilities and often face loneliness. Think about it. It can feel overwhelming to manage all the chores, attend to your children’s needs, and find time for personal well-being. In today’s world, single parenthood has become increasingly common, and the journey is seldom smooth. For Christian single parents, the task becomes even more significant as they seek to instill spiritual values while managing life’s challenges singlehandedly. This article will offer essential advice and strategies for Christian…
dealing with rejection as a single christian

How to Deal with Rejection as a Single Christian

Learning how to deal with rejection as a single Christian is very important. If you are a single Christian who recently got dumped, or been told by the other party that they don’t want to date you, this could be very painful. Dealing with feelings of rejection can be very difficult! In a previous article, we already mentioned how difficult it is getting over with unrequited love. Rejection is an inevitable part of life. As a single Christian guy or…
christian dating tips for men and women

Christian Dating Tips for Men and Women

Are you looking for Christian dating tips for men or women? Dating tips are welcomed by most Christian singles, whether they are new to the dating scene, or just looking to find additional dating advice and assistance. After all, how many of us are dating tips experts with no need for learning anything more about the opposite sex and dating? Although there are tons of dating tips and articles out there, we sifted through the most relevant from a single…
single parents and prodigals

Single Parents and Prodigals

We already mentioned how difficult it is to be a Christian single parent. Being a single parent of a prodigal son or daughter is even more difficult. Our following single parenting podcast takes a biblical look on how parents should deal wit their prodigal kids.   Other Singles Podcast: Christian Singles  Relationship Advice Christian Podcasts Christian Dating Service Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe RSS