Christian Podcasts (Page 6)

Christian Podcasts (Page 6)

christian podcastsChristian podcasts are all the rage in 2019, and we have many podcasts from which to choose. Here you will find Christian podcasts on a wide variety of topics. Some of our podcasts will include audio and video so make sure to check out the links below. As with all of our content on this site, it is in an interactive format. Feel free to comment on our Christian podcasts, and leave your much need opinion.

Christian Podcasts of All Sorts

We have Christian dating podcasts for single Christians, as well as sermon podcasts on important life topics that originate from our Oasis Church ministry and other awesome churches around the world. While our podcasts are geared toward single Christians, everyone from single to married to divorced, to 20 somethings to Baby Boomers will enjoy them.

Finally, we want you to know that while we will NEVER shy away from controversial subjects, we pledge to make sure that all of our 2019 Christian podcasts are scripturally sound and useful to the listener.

GLEE Week 6-Living or Existing?

Many people , single Christians or married, go through life simply existing rather tan enjoying the abundant life Jesus promises. In this week’s Christian podcast at, Pastor Dave discusses the importance of aligning our purpose for living with Christ’s purpose for coming to Earth. In this podcast listeners will also hear about the vision and purpose of, a brand new contemporary Christian church. How to Find God’s Will for Your Life? Christian Dating Service Play in new…

GLEE-Week 4-Dealing With Addictions

It’s a shame but true. Many Christian singles, married and divorced people have addictions and strongholds in their lives that hold them in bondage. Although dealing with addiction is essential if we are to enjoy our relationship experiences and life to the fullest, many are in a pickle over how to exactly conquer drug and alcohol use and abuse addiction. Dealing with Addiction Podcast If you are in this situation, or you know of a Christian woman or man who…

GLEE Week 3-Conquering Your Past

Many single Christians go around with guilt and shame over their past. In fact , we have already written an article regarding the issue of how to make peace with your past a few years ago. It’s really sad that many singles have problems conquering the sting of past relationship failures, abusive and just plain old bad memories Conquering Your Past Podcast If you are one of those people who still have  problems getting over your past, the following…
sex talk

Christian Sex Talk for Singles

As single Christians in this world, we can all use a good Christian sex talk from time time time. Why? Because temptation toward sexual impurity is always knocking at the door. Christian Sex Talk Podcast This week’s Church podcast on the subject of Christian sex comes from the Vineyard Christian Church of Evanston, Illinois. Pastor Steve Nicholoson’s Christian sex talk centers on the top 5 costs of sex without commitment. Although some of us may be thinking we’ve heard it all…