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Christian Singles Articles

christian singlesThis category is all about Christian singles. Here you will find all types singles articles and  life tips on every topic of interest to singles of all ages. Here you will find articles on single men, single women, single Christian parents, single girls, teens, well, I think you get the point. :)

Christian Singles Resources

No matter if you are a Millennial, Baby Boomer or a Senior Single,    hopefully you will find these singles articles useful. There are dozens of articles to choose from including “Learning How to Argue and Fight“, Christian  Girls Who Date Bad Guys”, “Fears that Keep Men and Women Single“, “How to Mend a Broken Heart” and many others.

Need for Singles Ministries

Why yet another singles ministry? It’s a known fact that many  singles feel slighted when it comes to having their needs and questions answered in a traditional church setting. This was the whole reason why we created this site in 2006, back when online Christian Dating was taboo, and married couples in the US outnumbered singles. However according to pew research, there has been a dramatic shift. Since 2015, single adults now outnumber married couples, and their needs have only increased.

So if you are looking for anything singles related, this category is for you. Oasis Singles is dedicated to single  of all stripes, whether they be single parents, Millennials, teens, baby boomers or Generation Xers.

Here you will find all types articles and dating advice on every topic of interest to singles of all ages. The Christian singles articles are interactive, so feel free to comment.

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cheating boyfriends

Cheating Boyfriends: Signs of a Cheater

Cheating Boyfriends. Do you have a CB, a cheating boyfriend? And while we’re on this uncomfortable topic of cheating boyfriends, just how prevalent do you think cheating is? Well, according to the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, 22% of girlfriends have cheating boyfriends. Okay, I know at least one sex who’s dying to know this. The good news is that only 12% of boyfriends have a girlfriend who’s a cheater. We’ll talk about that at another time…
how to prepare for marriage

How to Prepare for Marriage: Christian Dating Tips

As a Single Christian man or woman, are you curious about how to prepare for marriage? The process of preparing for marriage can be a mix of excitement and nervousness. As someone who’s been in your shoes, I totally get it! In this article, we’ll explore some practical tips to help you get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. How to get prepared for marriage Steps Know Your Identity  Before you can share your life with someone else, it’s…
christian single parents

Christian Single Parents Advice For Every Single Christian Parent

Christian single parents carry significant responsibilities and often face loneliness. Think about it. It can feel overwhelming to manage all the chores, attend to your children’s needs, and find time for personal well-being. In today’s world, single parenthood has become increasingly common, and the journey is seldom smooth. For Christian single parents, the task becomes even more significant as they seek to instill spiritual values while managing life’s challenges singlehandedly. This article will offer essential advice and strategies for Christian…
learning how to argue and fight

Learning How to Argue and Fight

Learning how to argue and fight is the best dating tip we could give Christian singles. That may sound like whacky dating advice unless you know that the top reason both dating and married couples break up is a lack of communication in the area of conflict-resolution. This is very important, so let me reiterate this dating advice a different way: Learning how to fight and argue successfully is the best way to a lasting and happy dating and/or married…
A sign a guy likes you

A Sign a Christian Guy Likes You

Do you know a sign a guy likes you? The journey of discovering whether someone holds special feelings for you can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Amid the modern dating landscape with its nuances and complexities, Christian singles might often wonder: What are the signs that a guy is genuinely interested? While signs of attraction can vary widely, let’s dive deep into deciphering these signs with an emphasis on Christian values. 1. He Respects Your Boundaries Christian dating often emphasizes…
Dating Someone With Kids

Christian Dating Someone with Kids

When embarking on a new relationship, especially as a Christian single, dating someone with kids presents a unique set of experiences that can enrich your life in unexpected ways. It’s a journey that requires compassion, understanding, and a heart open to the blessings and challenges that come with it. Here’s a warm, personal look at what you can expect when you find yourself in this beautifully complex situation. Entering a Ready-Made Family Dating someone with children means that you’re not…
Should i confess to my crush?

Should I Confess to My Crush? The Christian Perspective

The age-old question: Should I confess to my crush?  It’s a situation many of us have faced, and the answer often varies based on personal circumstances and beliefs. For the Christian single person, the answer may be further influenced by biblical teachings, personal convictions, and the importance of faith in decision-making. Let’s dive into the considerations of confessing feelings to a crush from a Christian perspective. Understanding Love and Emotion First, it’s important to understand that having a crush or…
dating during separation

Is Dating While Separated Ok?

Whether Christian or not, some have asked us, “Is dating allowed during marriage separation?” Or “Is dating during separation adultery?” Of course, I always tell them it’s none of my business. However, I also realize the issue of dating during a marriage separation is a hot-button issue,  and so needs to be talked about in the church in an honest, biblical, and open way. As both a family court mediator and minister, I’m just gonna shoot from the heart and…
How to Make My Christian Dating Relationship Last?

How Do I Make My Christian Dating Relationship Last?

I get a lot of emails asking questions like: “How do I make my Christian dating relationship last? When you’re dating in the Christian single scene with marriage as the goal, you’re essentially trying to find someone who’s not just your better half but your better three-quarters. It’s about finding that partner with whom you can not only share your favorite Bible verses but also your Wi-Fi password. So, how do you make a relationship last in such a setting?…
Humble Christian Single Man

Signs of a Humble Christian Single Man

Looking for a humble Christian single man? Finding a genuine, down-to-earth partner can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. For those in the Christian community, this search often focuses not just on mutual interests or physical attractions, but on deeper, spiritual qualities like humility. A humble Christian single man can be a rare gem—quietly impressive and rich in the fruits of the Spirit. 1. He’s Modest About His Achievements A humble Christian man doesn’t trumpet his own…
Dealing with Jealousy as a Christian Single When Friends Are Getting Married

Dealing with Jealousy as a Christian Single When Friends Are Getting Married

I have a problem dealing with jealousy. I admit it. when I saw my friends getting married, I felt a weird mix of emotions, including happiness for them but also jealousy. I hated feeling this way and made me feel guilty.  Can any of you identify? Understanding and navigating these feelings of jealousy from a Christian perspective is essential for maintaining peace of mind and spiritual growth. how to Deal with Jealousy as a Christian Single When Friends Are Getting…
signs of true love

Signs of True Love in a Christian Relationship

What are signs of true love in a Christian relationship? Wondering how to make a Christian relationship last? What are the signs of true love from a man or woman?  How do you know you’ve found your “true love” of a lifetime? In the realm of Christian relationships, love is the cornerstone that fortifies the bond between two individuals. True love in a Christian relationship goes beyond infatuation or fleeting emotions, it embodies the selfless, sacrificial, and Christ-centered devotion that…
How to Tell Someone You Don't Want to Date Them

How to Tell Someone You Don’t Want to Date Them

Learning how to tell someone you don’t want to date them without hurting them is a tough order. This is especially true within the Christian singles community where values and intentions often take a front seat. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to communicate that you’re not interested in dating someone, doing so with kindness and honesty is crucial. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to gently break the news without causing undue hurt, all while…
dealing with rejection as a single christian

How to Deal with Rejection as a Single Christian

Learning how to deal with rejection as a single Christian is very important. If you are a single Christian who recently got dumped, or been told by the other party that they don’t want to date you, this could be very painful. Dealing with feelings of rejection can be very difficult! In a previous article, we already mentioned how difficult it is getting over with unrequited love. Rejection is an inevitable part of life. As a single Christian guy or…
How to Stop Worrying About Everything

How to Stop Worrying About Everything: A Christian Single’s Guide

Having personal experience in this area, it’s easy for Christians, especially singles, to fall into the trap of constant worrying. This concern can pertain to aspects of daily life, relationships, future plans, and even spiritual growth. However, the Bible provides profound wisdom and practical advice on how to release these anxieties and find peace in God’s promises. Understanding Worry Through a Christian Lens Worry is often a reaction to the uncertainties and potential problems that we might face. But as…
divorced christian singles

Practical Advice for Divorced Christian Singles

Divorce can be a deeply challenging experience, especially for individuals within the Christian community where marriage is often viewed as a lifelong commitment. For Christian singles who are navigating the waters of divorce, the journey can feel isolating and fraught with emotional and spiritual turmoil. However, this period also presents an opportunity for personal growth, renewed faith, and a deeper understanding of one’s path. This article offers practical advice for divorced Christian singles, providing strategies to heal, rebuild, and thrive…