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Christian Singles Articles

christian singlesThis category is all about Christian singles. Here you will find all types singles articles and  life tips on every topic of interest to singles of all ages. Here you will find articles on single men, single women, single Christian parents, single girls, teens, well, I think you get the point. :)

Christian Singles Resources

No matter if you are a Millennial, Baby Boomer or a Senior Single,    hopefully you will find these singles articles useful. There are dozens of articles to choose from including “Learning How to Argue and Fight“, Christian  Girls Who Date Bad Guys”, “Fears that Keep Men and Women Single“, “How to Mend a Broken Heart” and many others.

Need for Singles Ministries

Why yet another singles ministry? It’s a known fact that many  singles feel slighted when it comes to having their needs and questions answered in a traditional church setting. This was the whole reason why we created this site in 2006, back when online Christian Dating was taboo, and married couples in the US outnumbered singles. However according to pew research, there has been a dramatic shift. Since 2015, single adults now outnumber married couples, and their needs have only increased.

So if you are looking for anything singles related, this category is for you. Oasis Singles is dedicated to single  of all stripes, whether they be single parents, Millennials, teens, baby boomers or Generation Xers.

Here you will find all types articles and dating advice on every topic of interest to singles of all ages. The Christian singles articles are interactive, so feel free to comment.

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Why am I still single?

“Why Am I Still Single?”: Insights and Hope for Christian Singles

In the journey of life, many Christian singles often find themselves pondering, “Why am I still single?” This profound question resonates through the corridors of their hearts, mingling with faith and the yearning for companionship. As a single Christian myself, I understand the intricate blend of hope, patience, and trust in God’s plan that shapes our experience. In this article, we’ll explore this journey, offering insights and tips to remain hopeful about the future. Understanding God’s Timing First and foremost,…
How to deal with the one who got away

Dealing with ‘The One That Got Away’ as a Single Christian

Wondering how to deal with “the one that got away” as a single Christian? Navigating the complexities of Christian dating can be a journey filled with highs and lows. Among these experiences is dealing with “the one who got away” – a phrase that often brings a mix of emotions and questions. For single Christians, this experience can be particularly challenging, intertwining faith, heartache, and the quest for understanding God’s plan for their lives. This article offers guidance on how…
how to overcome jealousy in a relationship

How to Overcome Jealousy in a Christian Dating Relationship

Are you wondering how to overcome jealousy in a relationship? Do you have a jealous dating partner? Jealousy is one of the most destructive and painful emotions in a Christian dating relationship. A jealous dater can think and do some wacky things he or she would not normally think of doing. That’s why learning how to overcome jealousy when it crops up is so important. How to Overcome Jealousy Dating Stats According to a North American survey of marriage counselors,…
Overcoming Fear of Commitment

10 Ways to Help Him Overcome Fear of Commitment

In the journey of love and relationships, one of the most challenging hurdles can be a partner’s fear of commitment. This concern is particularly acute for Christian singles, who often seek relationships rooted in lasting love and spiritual companionship. Understanding and addressing this fear is crucial for building a foundation of trust and mutual respect. This article delves into effective strategies from a Christian perspective to help your man overcome his fear of commitment, paving the way for a fulfilling…
online christian dating catfishing

Catfishing in Christian Online Dating: 10 Signs You May Be a Victim

Is there such a thing as catfishing in Christian online dating?  Online dating has become increasingly popular, offering a convenient way for Christian singles to connect and find potential partners who share their faith and values. However, amidst the sea of genuine profiles, there are individuals with deceptive intentions who engage in catfishing. Catfishing is a term used to describe the act of creating a fake online persona to deceive and manipulate others emotionally or financially. As a Christian single…
How to Survive Holiday Blues

Surviving the Holidays as a Single Person

Well, the holiday season is upon us again. Surviving the holidays as a single person can be tough.  As  single women and men dreading yet another holiday season alone, you’re probably struggling or thinking about: Where you’re going to spend the holidays to avoid depression and  loneliness How unfair it is that another Christmas is coming, and you’re still single What you’re gonna tell or do to those annoying relatives who ask you again why you’re not yet married. The holiday…
body flirting language for girls

Body Language Flirting: How to Know When a Guy Likes a Girl

How do you know when a guy is flirting with you? What’s his body language when flirting? Understanding body language flirting is essential for Christian singles. What exactly is alpha male body language flirting? It’s basically a collection of all the nonverbal clues a guy (whether he be a Christian or not) gives out when he’s interested in woman. Just to be clear, not all body language flirting is a conscious decision on the part of the single guy, but…
love shy singles

Love-Shy Singles: How to Overcome Shyness

Are you one of those love-shy singles who doesn’t date because you’re timid? Are you single, shy and looking for love? Wish you knew how to overcome shyness? If you do, don’t be bashful about it because you’re in good company. According to Dr. Phillip Zimbardo, a Stanford psychologist, nearly 40% of singles are shy about asking someone out on a date. Love-Shy Singles Description A single person who is shy is often anxious (some have even been diagnosed with…
how to deal with shame

How to Deal with Shame as a Single Christian

Wondering how to deal with shame as a Christian single girl or guy? The journey of faith is a personal and intimate one. For many Christians, the pressure to conform to certain ideals can sometimes lead to feelings of shame, especially regarding marital status. In a community that often celebrates marriage and family, being single might sometimes feel like an anomaly. How can one navigate these feelings of shame, while staying true to oneself and one’s faith? Here’s a guide…
single parenting

Single Parenting Advice Before Dating

Mixing single parenting responsibilities with a dating relationship is a tricky proposition for most single parents.  Christian Single Parents  have added stress units. This article discusses practical steps you can take to address this issue. Single Parenting Tips There are several steps Christian single moms and dads can take in order to become what we call “relationship ready” for a healthy dating experience:  Step 1: Blow Off Steam Successfully reducing  stress in your life is an important first step single…
good christian dating relationship signs

Good Christian Dating Relationship Signs

What are some signs of a good Christian dating relationship? What are signs of a healthy relationship when dating? What qualities would you look for in the “right one” for you as a Christian single? Generally, the following list of signs should be present in your Christian dating partner if you are considering a lifelong commitment in marriage. signs you are in the right Dating Relationship Your dating interest (we assume he or she is a Christian) is growing more…
how to deal with rejections as a single person

How to Deal with Rejection as a Single Person

Learning how to deal with rejection as a single Christian? A Rejection hotline often offers this bit of dating advice that we all already know: Rejection is one of the hardest things to deal with as a single person. Getting rejected in connection with dating is absolutely the worst kind of rejection because it touches us on such a personal level. It doesn’t matter whether the rejection occurs while asking someone out on an initial date, or in the middle…
The four loves

The Four Loves: A Christian Singles Perspective

Have you heard of the four loves? Love is a universal and profound human experience that transcends boundaries, cultures, and time. For Christian singles, the concept of love takes on a special significance, as it is not only a fundamental aspect of human existence but also a core principle of their faith. In this article, we will explore “The Four Loves” from the perspective of Christian singles, drawing insights from the teachings of C.S. Lewis, a renowned Christian apologist, and…
dating during separation

Is Dating While Separated Ok?

Whether Christian or not, some have asked us, “Is dating allowed during marriage separation?” Or “Is dating during separation adultery?” Of course, I always tell them it’s none of my business. However, I also realize the issue of dating during a marriage separation is a hot-button issue,  and so needs to be talked about in the church in an honest, biblical, and open way. As both a family court mediator and minister, I’m just gonna shoot from the heart and…
first date do's and dont's

First Date Do’s and Don’t’s

Need a brush up on First date do’s and don’t’s? Going on your first date with someone you met though one of the online dating services like eHarmony can be fun and exciting, but also a little scary. Let’s face it, the primary purpose of a first date is to assess whether there is enough chemistry to spend even more time together. There are a number of first date “do’s and don’t’s” questions to consider: What will we do on…
cheating boyfriends

Cheating Boyfriends: Signs of a Cheater

Cheating Boyfriends. Do you have a CB, a cheating boyfriend? And while we’re on this uncomfortable topic of cheating boyfriends, just how prevalent do you think cheating is? Well, according to the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, 22% of girlfriends have cheating boyfriends. Okay, I know at least one sex who’s dying to know this. The good news is that only 12% of boyfriends have a girlfriend who’s a cheater. We’ll talk about that at another time…