Compatibility Love Tests

Compatibility Love Tests

compatibility love tests for singles

Compatibility Love Test

Compatibility Love Test-How Compatible Are You With Your Date?

Many romance sites have a compatibility love test on them. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a set of quiz questions that’s suppose to determine if your love interest is compatible with you. Quite frankly, most of these compatibility love tests are bogus, and should only be taken tongue in cheek. That being said, compatibility does play a huge role in how successful any dating relationship will be. While the old saying that opposites attract…
how to deal with emotional baggage

How to Deal With Emotional Baggage as Single Christians

Many single Christians walk around wondering how to deal with emotional baggage from failed relationships and other experiences that they have gone through in their lives. When people hear the term “emotional baggage” they also think of “damaged goods.” Since very few singles that I know of want to be in a relationship with someone with emotional baggage, it’s important that singles in this situation learn to make peace with their past if they desire a serious, positive Christian dating…