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Dating Advice

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Courtship vs Dating: Christian Singles Views

Courtship vs Dating, Dating vs Courtship.  In the realm of Christian relationships, the terms “courtship” and “dating” have long been subjects of contention. While the broader society may consider these terms synonymous, in Christian circles, they are often seen as distinct practices with varied implications for a believer’s life. Before diving deep into the courtship vs. debate, it is essential to understand what courtship and dating mean in the Christian context. Courtship: The Traditional Route Rooted in tradition, courtship emphasizes…

Christian Dating Advice

One can find Christian dating advice all over the internet. The problem is that the “Christian dating advice” you get on the web may not be from a morally reputable dating site. Look at the Source of Your Christian Dating Advice For example, on one particular dating site, you can find Christian relationship dating advice on the sidebar right next to Transexual dating advice. With so much junk out there it’s important to know from where you are getting your …

Romantic Gifts-Getting a Romantic Gift for Your Date

Romantic gifts? I know some of you may be thinking, “Why do I need to know about romantic gifts? I don’t even have a boyfriend or girlfriend right now, which is why I’m even on this site!” While that may be true for this short while, understanding the ins and outs of romantic gift giving now, may save you some holiday gift hassles, embarrassment and pain later. Do I hear some amens out there? Anyway, now where was I? Oh…