Catholic Singles Who Love Jesus

Catholic Singles Who Love Jesus

There are multiple thousands of Catholic Singles using Christian dating sites who love Jesus on a personal level. I should know because I know many Catholic singles like this. These types of Catholic singles would feel more comfortable worshiping the Lord with evangelicals in an Alpha Course or Billy Graham Crusade, than with their nominal, half-believing congregants.

Catholic Singles and Online Christian Dating Services

There is no wonder, then, that many evangelical Catholic singles would have a difficult time finding a date in their own parishes. That’s why internet dating among this group of Catholic singles has really taken off. For example, a substantial portion of eHarmony and Christian Mingle users are Catholic singles.

What are we saying? If you’re a Catholic single, why spend any more time wasting away in a pew or in the Catholic Reading Room waiting for that special soulmate who may never come? There are many evangelical/charismatic Catholic singles searching online for other Catholic singles just like themselves.

If you are a Catholic single and haven’t tried online dating service like eHarmony Dating Service you really have little to lose (except a few bucks). Plus, many Catholic singles find it easier to meet singles this way then through other less focused, traditional means. Look at it this way, it’s most likely not gonna happen at Bingo!

So, if you are a Catholic single girl or guy who just isn’t sure about the benefits of using and online dating service, or who’s interested, but just doesn’t know where to begin, we suggest reading online articles about how to start.

Overall, Catholic singles can use the internet to look for other Catholic singles or Christian singles from other denominations who love Jesus as much as they do. You can meet Catholic singles locally, and on any continent including Asia, South America, Europe, Africa and North America. For the typical single Catholic who has a hard time meeting someone nice, we think this option makes a whole lot of sense.
Are you a single Catholic Christian with something to share on dating and Catholic singles?

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    • Elizabeth

      Christian Singles- I’ve had a great experience using your site, however, this particular article bothered me quite a bit. I am Catholic and very much in love with Christ, yet the way this article makes Catholics sound like they are shallow and half-hearted or “nominal, half-believing congregants” is hurtful. Please consider, do not judge lest you be judged. Stereotypes like these put up great barriers in our fellowship as Christian brothers and sisters.

      • David Author

        Dear Elizabeth:

        God bless you, sister!

        Regarding Catholic singles, I apologize if you felt I was slighting other Catholic Christians. True be told, there are many Protestant denominations who have half-hearted congregants as well. Please forgive me? I did not mean to pick on one denomination, which happens to be my upbringing, by the way. However, the topic at hand was Catholic singles, and those who have a vibrant faith in Jesus, like you apparently do. There are simply not many of us out there, no matter the Christian denomination. if there were:
        1) It would be much easier to meet other Christian singles of like faith; and
        2) our society would look a lot different than it does. Agree?

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