Christian Black Singles

Christian Black Singles

Many Christian Black Singles are using online dating to find that special date or soulmate. There are several reasons why Christian black singles are flocking to the internet for romance. And with over 70% of Christian black singles considering themselves evangelical Christians, Christian dating services have taken notice, by dedicating sub-sites specifically for single black Christians.

For example, Christian Mingle has a very popular site Christian black singles use called, not surprisingly, Christian Black Singles.

Christian Black Singles Online Dating Use

We were interested in finding out more about the black singles who use Christian black single dating services, Aren’t you? Our informal survey (through plus information garnered from Pew Research on Christian black singles using Christian Black Singles Services revealed the following:

  • 55% of the users are single women. This slight edge in black Christian single woman users is not surprising considering that Christian black single women find it harder to meet single Christian black men in more traditional ways, like at church.
  • The average median age of Christian black singles using a matchmaking service is 34.
  • 13% of Christian black singles have tried online dating so far, with that number rising yearly
  • 75% plus of black singles who use online dating have at least a high school diploma
  • 65% percent of Black Singles

What Black Singles Want in a Date/Mate

In the future, we will be writing articles specifically about Christian single black women and single black men. For now, check out the top qualities both sexes can agree they want or need in the opposite sex:

  • Strong Faith in God
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Independence
  • Sense of Humor
  • Physically Attractive
  • Compassionate
  • Good with Kids
  • Understanding

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Do you agree that the above qualities are important, or do you have more to add in what you would want in a black single?




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    • Victoria

      I am white and adopted a black Haitian son. It really confuses me that Black Christians want equality in all things American, but are willing to be segregated to their own dating website. I would be furious if anyone ever did that to my son. He has made it very clear to me that he hopes I will marry a black man one day because he himself is black. In his own words, “I want a dad who is black like me”. It makes perfect sense that a young black male would desire a black male role model. So why don’t we leave the race issue out of dating and leave it to God? Did He not make all of us from the same parent? Acts 17:27. If I was concerned about race my precious child would still be rotting away in a Haitian orphanage.

      • Ann

        I understand your fustration concerning this matter, I guest this is why some of us can’t find our soul mate, yes, I looked up black only because I thought it was easier for me to connect,
        but after serching for my soul mate, I notice there were people of all race who’s looking for a mate also, to some color is not the issue, but to some it is, I will open my mind and heart, so God can lead me to the right person for me…

        • Constance

          I’m a woman of 37 looking for good Christian man between 40 to 45 years of age. By

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