Christian Dating Bill of Rights

Christian Dating Bill of Rights

Every dating relationship, including Christian dating ones, is a give and take proposition. In a way, a Christian dating relationship is sort of like a social contract. Each Christian dating partner has certain inalienable rights, but also an obligation to treat their Christian dating girlfriend or boyfriend the same way they would like to be treated. that is the “Golden Rule” after all, right? Christian dating relationships invariably fail when one person violates the rights of the other.

Understanding what your Christian dating rights are may help you avoid entering or staying in a dating relationship with some jerk, while at the same time helping you enjoy your dating experience to the max.

Christian Dating Rights

Christian Dating Right 1:

You have the right to be told the truth by your Christian dating “soul-mate“. You will find liars online and offline, but you won’t have to put up with this garbage if you know the signs of a liar. See this Christian dating article if you think you may be dating a married person.

Christian Dating Right 2:

You have a right not be abused in any way (physically, emotionally or spiritually) by your girlfriend or boyfriend, but to be treated with the utmost respect. Unfortunately, many Christian daters, especially women, stay in abusive relationships because they don’t know the difference.

Christian Dating Right 3:

You have the right to disagree and have own opinions and beliefs as equal Christian dating single. Some couples fail in this area because they either don’t know how to disagree and argue constructively, or one person tries to “lord it over the other.” In line with this thought, and contrary to some Christian guys’ beliefs, a Christian girlfriend is under no obligation to be submissive to her Christian boyfriend. Learning to be mutually submissive is key to any relationship, including a Christian marriage.

Christian Dating Right 4:

You have the right to break up from your Christian dating relationship.

Christian Dating Right 5:

You have a right to outside of your friend’s sphere of influence. Co-dependency has no place in a healthy Christian dating relationship.

If you are a single Christian with your own thoughts Christian dating, please feel free to share your thoughts in order to help others.

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